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  1. too much dust

    left over 07 4,500 otd good?need answers asap

    no chinook yet but 2 Blackhawk jumps.
  2. too much dust

    left over 07 4,500 otd good?need answers asap

    crf stuff I bought an 05 450r new back in 05 when I weighed 245 so I am not new to to dirt bikes just new to 250s. As far as the service thing thanks for the appreciation. Its my pleasure. I get paid to jump out of all kinds of different planes/helicopters and shoot and blow things up.
  3. too much dust

    left over 07 4,500 otd good?need answers asap

    no mods planned. I just need to learn how to ride it lol
  4. too much dust

    left over 07 4,500 otd good?need answers asap

    I checked out Ebay and saw those deals and If I was a civilian I might have gone for it but shipping a bike to base/any other headache wouldn't be worth the risk just to save a few hundred more dollars. I can't drive farther then 100 miles from base without a pass so I think I did as good as I could for the circumstances.
  5. too much dust

    left over 07 4,500 otd good?need answers asap

    pulled the trigger and bought the 07. 4700 otd. I knew they would figure out a way to get me for afew more hundred. No complaints though its still a hell of a deal for only being 60 miles from base. I think I could have hunted and saved afew more bucks but in all honesty I would rather eat the 200 and have it for next weeks 4 day weekend. I financed and got a killer rate from Honda so all in all good stuff! hey csclocogato I'm 1-325 AIR . good to know someone else here knows what its like to fall out the door with 120 pounds strapped to your D rings.
  6. too much dust

    left over 07 4,500 otd good?need answers asap

    ok thanks I am going to go for it. I pre called them and they said 4512 otd so if they stick to that Im good. I am hoping this bike will last me till I am done with the Army then I will step up to efi. The only thing is when I talked to the salesmen on the phone he sounded way country and I have nothing but bad experiences with the country guys out here from tow truck drivers to mechanics they have all consistently found a way to rip me off as soon as they here my Cali accent and find out I am in the Army(they think we are rich lol)
  7. as the title says. good or should I wait? I would like an 08 but honestly at my basic skill level I wouldn't be any faster. getting a new bike at the lowest price is the primary goal.
  8. too much dust

    used or new?

    I haven't been on here in a while but I have a few questions. I started out riding an 03 crf450r and then moved on to an 05 450r. I am from Riverside So Cal so I did a little trail and a little track. I used to weigh 245 which is why I had a re-sprung 450 but I lost 75 pounds so I could do the Army Paratrooper thing. I rode a buddies 08 Kawi 250f yesterday and it was plenty fast enough though I did have to down shift a little more then my old 450 which I could leave in 3rd all day. Unfortunately the riding here in NC is nothing like back home so I will probably not be riding as much and taking it easy so I dont get hurt anyway so crf250r here I come. What year do the crf's get good? my 05 450 was a whole new world better compared to my 03. are the 250's the same way? I have seen left over 07 250's for 4200 ish new and used 06,07 used for low 3000s. What year do you guys think I should buy?
  9. too much dust

    fair market value 05 450r

    I have a 05 crf450r in So Cal that I need to sell but I dont know what I can get for it.It has been re sprung for a 225 pound rider and it has a mrd pipe.overall good shape with worn tires.I have not touched the motor other then alot of oil changes.maybe 70 hours or so of trail/desert riding.I owe 4000 so I would like to get high 3000s.what do you guys think?also I am going to include the wheel stand,and skid plate stand,gas can,and the truck ramp.
  10. too much dust

    $300 wheelie

    I have one of his pipe's as well.Works great and he will fix it,but here is the secret.ask around on how many people have smashed their head pipes.I have laid it down pretty good and not smashed it.chances are if you smashed one of his pipe you have more important things to worry about like finding your spleen.
  11. too much dust

    Need a stock cam!

    free!!you are supposed to take advantage of him!!!
  12. too much dust


    It is if its the pros.I would be impressed if he made the main.last or not.
  13. I think the yz 125 actually sold pretty good so I dont think it is on the chopping block.KTM has always made wierd niche motors anyway so I doubt they will cut the 125.I would worry about the rm 125 for sure though.that bike sucks anyway
  14. too much dust

    PIMP MY RIDE...70 cc three wheeler

    If you are going to be riding a 3 wheeler I would recomend a neck brace and some kind of roll bar if possible
  15. too much dust

    Tell me she's OK

    two newbie canadians fighting.this is great!!