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  1. ttr225newbie

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    great, actually found some mods for this bike, having a problem with the jetting - will figure it out eventually Q: do you "have" to go to the 42 pilot jet? will the stock 40 be ok? also the rear shock link - I am realy lost with this one - what is the least expensive rear shock mod? part number on that link maybe? Q: does anyone know of replacement plastic for ttr 225 2004? I find plenty for yz's will these fit or is that completely different bolt up?
  2. ttr225newbie

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    thanx much- i'll mess with this today and see how it goes
  3. ttr225newbie

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    ok so here i am got me a dirt bike a four wheeler for the wife and ready to have fun.....jump ahead 3 months and I'm ready to start playing around with some easy and simple mods.........nice thread on the 225 mods Thanx did my own version of the tail piece put a new "custom" (HOME MADE) uni filter foam with some 1" round air box insets as well; chopped the snorkle off and opened it up but kept some h20 protection - now the question - I am trying to figure out the fuel screw / pilot jet adjustment for the TTR225....I think the item #34 (pilot screw set is what I need to adjust the fuel per the instructions in your link to jetting the 4 stroke- its just a little brass column with a tiny hole in it???? put a small screw driver in and -no dice??? any help on how to jet the carb / find move the fuel / pilot jet screw??? s there something I'm missing here?? I'm not a master mechanice or anything but I know the basic and am handy - I am a white collar guy but from a blue collar family and have a fairly stocked garage and love to tinker -- I just need some direction - this mod stuff is fun!