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  1. ebrew

    How reliable are the ATK(Cannondale) Bikes?

    they are super bikes. Parts are super cheap and you can get anything you want. I do like mine very much
  2. ebrew

    how do i prime a cannondale

    Dave Muller has everything you need and cheaper...Trust me, I have no relationship to him just have one of the bikes. He is the best resource out there. 360 574-2613
  3. ebrew

    2005 ATK 450MX Stalling issues

    cannonboomer he has a nice start stop switch that should fix that
  4. ebrew

    ATK/Cannondale post your pics!

    for the cannondale parts he has them all and cheap David Muller (pacrimdm@msn.com)
  5. ebrew

    Power Pack from SLP

    im interested will it fit an 05 450 r
  6. ebrew

    rekluse question

    just installed a rekulse and bar mounted adjuster, what is the clutch lever feel like for everyone else? Mine feels very loose sitting at idle or when the bike is not running. Is that correct? thanx