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  1. alright live on mtn home afb, havent bought a bike yet but want to get into it. i know there are a ton of people around here that ride and would have some good tips and info. gimme a hollar if you wanna help out a brand new guy to the sport.
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    thanks for all the info guys. got another ?, since iim 6'4 250 lbs would it make sense to maybe lean towards a yz450 since it is bigger and that way i wouldnt grow out of a 250. i know nothing here guys, fill me in.
  3. sdpj

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    i already love this site guys, keep all the tips coming im soakin it up, im already chomping at the bit wanting to buy one. any particular brands better than the others or is it just loyalty? i had a yamaha jet ski that i had to rebuild the motor at about 50 hrs, it was a 2 stroke, i dont know if there is a huge diff in motors between jet ski's and bikes. kinda like yamaha though.
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    ohh dont worry about me going crazy im 27 married with 2 kids, im not crazy anymore i just want to get out and get rid of some stress, those guys jumping gave me goose bumps it was pretty cool though. ill definitely be safe as far as protection etc etc. are there any good tips for a guy who has never ridden anything but 4 wheelers, im kinda nervous but ya gotta learn somehow. this site is pretty cool, another nerd website as my wife calls it, shes jealous
  5. ok guys dont beat me up here might be kinda long. ok just moved to idaho from florida because of the military, jet skied in fl all the time. moved to idaho and went to my first motocross race last night, ohhh wowww it was awesome, i got bit by the bug, anybody who does this i admire, it looks pretty dang cool. anyway where i live everybody and there brother has a bike in the back of there truck so there are a lot of places to ride. i am a newbie and am looking at buying a good beginner bike, fill me in guys, i dont want something brand new maybe 5-10 yrs old, something to learn on. im 6'4 250 lbs kinda big. i want to know anything and everything, fill me in, im like a sponge, theres a lot of desert riding and mountains around here.