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  1. Honda

    Ok this is the news from honda. the 2006 honda 450R will be released september 7. and some rumors about it is it will have some handling improvments some engine tweaks maybee a electric start. and they are pretty sure that it will be fuel injected
  2. Honda

    i say go with the 04. i dont need reverse that bad. the 04 looks better any way
  3. Honda

    the new rumor floating around is that honda is coming out with 3 versions for the 450R a standard, a cross country and a mx model. they are all suposed to be fuel injected. no reverse im not sure about the electric start on all of them. remember its just a rumor
  4. Honda

    hey the word from the my local honda dealership is that honda is moving the the 450r over to japan to put some updates on it. i hope they are good