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  1. aschultz91

    new chain what to get

    im using a RK xring chain and renthal sprokets and its a killer combo!
  2. aschultz91

    03 yz 250f road reg?

    oops sorry redr1boy. My apologies didn't see that you were from Australia also
  3. aschultz91

    03 yz 250f road reg?

    hes not from the states though he said hes from australia. Im not sure what the laws and rules are there but im sure somebody for there will chime in
  4. aschultz91

    06 wr250f silicone hose kit?

    im just curious, aren't the stock hoses prebent? so wouldn't using a straight piece of hose bend and kink? Im not saying your wrong im just curious
  5. aschultz91


    300 is pretty good for the exhaust. I can only get it a couple bucks cheaper but thats cause im a supported rider. If you want to go cheaper the only other option i can think of is go used?
  6. aschultz91

    Prime oil into engine???

    yea just pull the valve cover and get a little oil under there. You'll be fine. But also check the oil pressure check bolt... its on the head and if you take the bolt out some oil should come out. If it doesn't it means one of your oil lines got clogged by somethign
  7. aschultz91

    which jets?

    also, thanks for helping me out on the proper jet type
  8. aschultz91

    which jets?

    yea i did already look at that thread but unfortunatly i was unable to look up the parts on the TT store for some reason?
  9. aschultz91

    which jets?

    im just curious which jets i should get. I know what sizes but im not sure on the type... http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Western_Power_Sports_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p=428 there are 4 different types of jets and im not sure which one the ttr 125 has in them. Im hoping somebody can help thanks
  10. aschultz91

    YZ 125 to YZF 250 ?

    yea you really dont have a whole lot done to the motor so i would say the 250f is just as fast if not faster. Plus when you do the rebuild on the 250f you can put in a high compression piston and maybe some other performance goodies to make it even faster while its apart
  11. aschultz91

    YZ 125 to YZF 250 ?

    ive ridden a bunch of 125's and owned one for a little while. The 4 stroke is definatly easier to ride as you can lug it and everything. Im not sure what you have done to the 125 but the 4 stroke hooks up and and is faster than the 125 in my opinion (stock for stock) The best advice i can give you is to find a friend or something with a 250 to ride so you can try it out and see if you are comfortable.
  12. aschultz91

    Cutting stock pipe?

    it would probably work. Although i dont think you would see too much performance but i could be wrong there. I know it will be louder though
  13. aschultz91


    yea most likely the pilot.... trying richening up the fuel/air screw. if you have to go out more than 3 full turns from stock go up on the pilot one size. Also, most likely your gunna have to go up a size or two on the main jet
  14. aschultz91

    Almost time for a new top end

    doesn't the wiesco have one less ring? correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure the HC version has one less which would decrease life span? sorry for questioning you guys but i remeber seeing this in a few places.
  15. aschultz91

    Hot cam, 49-tooth, HC piston ...

    do the cam and piston at the same time, unless you dont mind the extra time involved. When you do the piston your obviously going to have to remove the cam, so why not do it all at once. The sproket you can do anytime