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  1. I am new to bigger jumps just wondering what I am doing wrong. I hit a double today and my ass end kept wanting to come up when I carried any speed into the jump. What am I doing wrong? please help thanks for the help
  2. thanks for the advice fixin to check it now.
  3. do you think I should put in the mcct then try again?
  4. thanks for info man.
  5. Ok 03 drz400s it's got 2500 miles on it and today when I got to school I notice the normal valve train noise was louder and more noticeable than before. I do not have a mcct and the valves have only been checked at a 1000 miles. They were in spec. Do yall think it's the valves or mabye I need a mcct? Need help please send advice!!
  6. thanks man
  7. hows it going i recently recieved a 2000 yz 426 from my brother. I like the bike so far but the only riding I have ever done is supermoto for the last six monthson my drz. where do I start for off road stuff? He wants me to race in the dessert with him next year in ensanada so I need to get training see my point. any helpwould be helpfull guys thanks.
  8. thanks alot for the help. Do I need to stay just off full throttle on the open runs? Or can I just let it rip?
  9. I am a newbie to the 2 stroke world and I have a chance to pic up a 05 250 for a great price but I am going to be riding the baja 500 this year and I just wondered if I put a oversize tank on the bike and the normal mods if the bikewill take the long race. Someone give me some help on this please
  10. hey guys need some help here. I am thinking of buying a ktm 300 2 stroke and I need some feedback do you think the bike can handle a race like the baja 500. I don't know alot about 2 strokes is why I am asking I have always rode 4 strokes. Just need some good feedback to hlp me with my decision. thanks alot
  11. Has anyone raced a 2 stroke in the dessert or maybe a long enduro? Just wandering I was thinking of getting one. Thanks.
  12. just put my new 17's on my 03 drz. Anyone have anygood suspension set up the bike is 03 S stock suspension set up. Just want to here what you guys think?
  13. Are there any other carbs for a drz400s other than stock and the fcr? thanks for the help.