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  1. OzCal

    Brandnew BMW 450 Enduro

    BMW have released details on the bike now. Read about it here.
  2. OzCal

    GPS Question

    I use a Magellan eXplorist 400 mounted to the bars of my 450EXC. It's fantastic for mapping and the detail on the maps is great. Some more info about it here.
  3. OzCal

    Anyone have a 2006 450 EXC?

    I have a 2006 450EXC and couldn't be happier with it. I've just put a Scotts damper on it and some slightly higher bend bars. I wouldn't have bothered with different bend bars as the original Maguras were great, but I bent them in a big crash. They really are a very easy to ride bike straight out of the box and few personal tweaks only makes them better. I found after about 800kms the bike loosened right up and became even better to ride. The only problem I have is the fuel tank capacity, it's just not enough for some of the riding I do, so I need to carry fuel until I get a bigger tank. Here she is, just washed after a ride.
  4. OzCal

    Larger gas tank for 06 450 XC

    I was told that the Clarke doesn't allow fitting an underbar steering damper but the IMS does. Can anyone confirm that?
  5. OzCal

    What hand guards fit?

    Aussie made Ego Bark Busters for me. Here's mine the day I picked it up.
  6. OzCal

    DRZ 400 Vs 525exc

    Hi all, this is my first TT post. I switched from a DRZ to 450EXC and it is seriously the best thing i've done. The Kato is better in every aspect. The light weight and much better ergos make for an easier ride and i'm less tired at the end of a days ride. The Kato handles unbelievably well. As far as reliability goes, provided you do regular filters and oil changes, i've heard nothing but good things about the longevity of the RFS engine. The engine is also so usable, the power doesn't hit hard like an MXer or CRF-X stye engine, but there's still plenty of it. I love mine. Here's a pic