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    Yamaha Valve Recall

    If you don't mind me asking...why did you switch, i have an '06 YZ250f and was thinking of going to RMZ450, but curious as to why the switch? I don't think Suzuki is recalling any of their mx bikes, Yamaha was experiencing some valve failures leading to engine failure. They are trying to be preventative and keep some customers. I imagine Suzuki would do the same if there was a high rate of failure, but doesn't sound like it yet anyway. Enjoy the RMZ.
  2. I called my dealer yesterday (Lincoln, NE), neither service nor sales knew anything about it. But they submitted my VIN # to Yamaha and confirmed the recall. Service ordered the kit, but gave no time frame for receiving it. Service said they havent seen any valve failures yet in this bike...the whole reason I bought this bike was for reliability reputation!!! At least they Yamaha is backing the product.