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  1. OriginalFiend125

    My kids 1st MX race on his TTR90 (video)

    I guess as everyone else has said he was better than me when i was that age... but then again i didn't start riding til 2 months ago. yeah your sons awsome... hes doing those crazy doubles and face plants.
  2. OriginalFiend125

    more power

    Just a louder noise coming from that mod no real power coming out.
  3. OriginalFiend125

    Trail riding near Santa Clarita?

    i live in sorta that area. Theres a few places that i know of i guess. We got rower flats, hungry valley, and el mirage. Im not sure about where el mirage is concitering my dad drives . I wasn't too fond of rower flats, i went there on my first time out though. It was REALLY simple. To get there we got off the 14 at sand canyon. Took sand canyon north until it met up with sierra highway.Make a right on sierra highway and then take it down til u see the sign that says rower flats national forest or something. Then turn on the road and be prepared for a big ass dirt road that takes a while to drive on. You need a pass to go there just incase a ranger shows up. Hungry valley is in gormon... that place with the big ass water tower taht says gormon on it. To get there u just take the 5 northbound up to the gormon exit 8 miles after smokey bear road. On the exit it will say recreation area. Turn left to go under the freeway then make a right next to mcdonalds and travel on the road about half a mile until you see the sign taht says hungry valley and u make a left into the park. You can buy your pass there at hungry valley but not at rower flats. I totally recommend hungry valley because its so much cooler and theres a lot more variety of trails to go on. just be sure to take the green circles your first time out... Hope that helps
  4. OriginalFiend125

    My son's first big hill climb!

    my first post... about me. That would be me going up the hill i guess. It was pretty awsome. That was like my 11th time out or so. Thanks for all the critisim.