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  1. Zanardi4

    Front tire (time for new, recommendations?)

    Old-man, I have only used the stock 742 and now, a D756. I absolutely HATED the 742. Switching to the 756 has been pure heaven. Z4
  2. Zanardi4

    TRX valves in a CRF450X?

    Doesn't the 450X already use stainless steel valves? (unlike the 450R)
  3. Zanardi4

    Best Slip-on for the 450X?

    Even stock, every 450x needs to be rejetted.
  4. Zanardi4

    Top 5 Mods for a 450X

    My top 5, in no particular order: 1. ESP Suspension 2. Scotts Damper 3. JD Jetting w/recommended airbox mods 4. Twin Air PowerFlow 5. Replace stock D742 front tire with a D756
  5. Zanardi4

    It's my lucky day

    I second that! It has allowed me to go quite a bit faster, with much better control. I love my new ESP suspension! .
  6. Zanardi4

    Brand New CRF450X Overheated

    ALL 450x's come way too lean from the factory. Cold weather just makes it even worse. Properly jetted, your bike will last longer at idle before spewing. These four-strokes can get pretty hot when just idling, so try to keep it to a minimum. Even when properly jetted, I would still keep a watchful eye on idling time. Just my two cents.... JV
  7. Zanardi4

    Aftermarket Fuel Screw users question

    I have the same one. Very easy to use.
  8. Zanardi4

    Recommend me a chain

    The D.I.D. chain that comes stock on the 450X is a REALLY good chain. Good luck finding something better. I've had my bike over a year and have yet to adjust the chain. It has the same slack as when it was new. The one that comes with the 450R is garbage. Z4
  9. Zanardi4

    Looking for the ABC's of jetting the 450x

    It NEEDS to be rejetted, no matter where you are. Stock is WAY too lean for any conditions. Go ahead and get the JD kit. You will be very glad you did. Z4
  10. Zanardi4

    How do I soften the 450x suspension?

    I'm going to give these settings a try next time out. Z4
  11. Zanardi4

    you guys need to go on diet !!

    I just checked the yamaha and honda US websites: WR450F = 246.9 lbs CRF450X = 250 lbs For what it's worth...... Z4
  12. Zanardi4

    The incredible 450X

    KTM 250XCF = KTM 250cc Cross-Country-Four (stroke)
  13. Zanardi4

    Scotts vrs GPR steering stabilizer

    What happens to the stock Renthal crossbar pad? Does it then get trimmed, or not used at all? Z4
  14. Zanardi4

    07 Crf 450x Jetting

    Now I'm curious. What is the stock pilot size? Z4
  15. Zanardi4

    Suspension Question

    Thanks, I'll give them a call soon.