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  1. dbuz

    Alabama trail riding labor day weekend

    I read that bonita lakes is open for mountain bikes only. We got very little rain over here in and east of Birmingham. There is going to be sun until Monday so it should be dry by the end of today and the rest of this weekend.
  2. dbuz

    Creatine...any good?

    I've taken it twice and was not impressed with the results. The first time I gained about 15 lbs on my belly and love handles. The second time I gained about 10 lbs in the same place. I've lost the weight both times but it took a few months. I will never take it again. I have about 1/2 a bottle left. Like everyone else said, stay on a diet and work out plenty. I probably would have had better results if I had eaten more strictly and worked out more.
  3. dbuz

    Lower Back Stretches

    If I don't stretch my lower back every morning, I am hurting at the end of the day. I begin by toching my toes, leaning side to side, and putting one foot forward and one back and leaning forward. Once I get the hams stretched, I stand up and twist my torso from side to side and loosen it up. I then do some crunches, lay on my side and raise my leg, and lay on my stomach and raise my legs up, one at a time, about 60 times each.Last I get on my hands and knees, rock back, and lean forward like you are going to do a pushup on your knees. This works for me. Maybe it will help you.
  4. dbuz

    cutting weight

    I suggest eating 6 200 calorie meals a day (or close to 200 calories). This will keep your metabolism up and help to burn fat. Eat fruits and vegatables and meat. Stay away from white sugar and flour. DO NOT use artificial sweetners. Aspartame breaks down in your body and turns the methanol in it into formaldehyde (embalming fluid). It also messes up your blood sugar. Do not eat hydrogenated oils (shortening). Use real butter and olive oil. You need good fat (omega fatty acids found in fish and walnuts). Running and weight lifting along with the change in eating habits should produce the results you are looking for.
  5. dbuz


    I've got mine geared 13-41 and it will fly on the trails. That front sprocket did give me fits putting the new one on.
  6. dbuz

    power tip

    I would not waste the money on a slipon. I would save up and get the header pipe too.
  7. dbuz

    Anyone want to ride Sat. at the Ridge??

    I am going to try to make it maybe around noon or so.
  8. dbuz

    re jetting a z400 04

    I would start out with a 140 with the air box lid off and see what it does. I don't know about your 2nd question.
  9. dbuz

    Another exhaust question

    I am not an expert on exhaust systems, but you definitely need to check and make sure the header pipe will work with the slip on. The header pipe has a larger diameter, allowing the exhaust to escape faster. You need to make sure the larger diameter header pipe will fit into the slip on since the factory pipe is smaller. I bought my Z used with a Yoshi complete exhaust on it. Like big bore killer said, you can pull wheelies in 3rd gear with no problem. From what I have read and what people have told me, a stock Z will not do that.
  10. dbuz

    Another Killer ride at The Ridge!!!

    I've got to wait on my new swing arm skid plate to get here. The last time I rode at the Ridge I tore the factory plastic one off. I will probably go next weekend since it has already been shipped. I am waiting for my friends arm to get out of the cast. He broke it at Kentuck a few weeks ago. He is planing on riding at the Ridge next weekend if they take the full cast off and put a forearm cast on this coming week.
  11. dbuz

    Another exhaust question

    I agree. If you really want more power, you have to go with the complete exhaust. The header pipe makes a huge difference. I have a yoshi exhaust with the spark arestor removed and I added one from my hmf. I have it jetted with a 160 main, needle on the 2nd clip, 3 turns out on the air screw. I also have the outerwears kit with the small k&n filter. It runs awesome.
  12. dbuz

    2003 Z 400 Plastics

    There are a few colors, including black, to choose from on gopartsdirect.