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  1. renagadecoupe

    what exhaust to use on my yzf400

    i've not yet tried either exhaust cause not sure of jetting issues.would like peoples opinions of experience with these two pipes.if you own one what is your jetting,i live in georgia
  2. renagadecoupe

    I want the loudest exhaust system available.

    why such negative feedback from all you people.if you like it quiet and ride areas that ask of that then so be it.i like them loud and it is good.where we ride it does not matter and i like to here the thing sing.no put putin around here.just come off a 2 smoke and it's no more loud than that.if you people don't like the noise then go park it in the garage and just keep it clean.i'm going riding
  3. i just recently purchased a pro circuit t4 and a big gun race.if anyone has used these which would be better for my bike i will be racing mx.and do they make power from where in the power range.any help would great newbie to the thumper
  4. renagadecoupe

    Notrth GA riding areas?

    the best place to ride is off houston valley rd. called kay park.over 300 acres of trails for all levels and super nice,for all ages
  5. renagadecoupe

    yzf 400 starting and pipe question.

    thanks for the info it did help and the new plug made a difference. still looking for an aftermarket pipe if anyone has one for sale
  6. ok now i am new to the 4 stroke dream.just converted from my loving two strokes.just picked up a 1999 yzf400 that i think is in very nice condition.new wheels graphics,and the list goes on and on.my first question is i have a hard time sarting this thing.guy told me to twist throttle 4-5 times then wait till it gets to hard spot then kick.well my leg is about to fall off.i hate haveing to push it off.help please. my next question is the only thing stock by eye is the factory exhaust.and am wondering if or what pie to get for it.i am strictly going to race and don't nessicarly want the most expensive thing out there.just a good pipe and or would just a silencer do.and what about jetting. all help would be grateful.i really like my new bike just want it to suit me better thanks for the help guys.