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  1. thumperdownunder

    09 450 husaberg AUST. dealers video

    go to link , use SEARCH ( type in 09 450 husaberg) and go to 2nd. page. It will show you a link to youtube
  2. thumperdownunder

    09 450 husaberg AUST. dealers video

    Go to YOUTUBE or www.advrider.com to see video.
  3. thumperdownunder

    Husaberg 2009 test

    Forgot to say 'BLUE MOUNTAINS' youtube post.
  4. thumperdownunder

    Husaberg 2009 test

    www.advrider.com (forums)
  5. thumperdownunder

    Dirtbike vs. Dirtrider vs. ? Mags

    Dirt action : www.isubscribe.com.au
  6. thumperdownunder

    Dirtbike vs. Dirtrider vs. ? Mags

    scott 01 in kansas; www.adbmag.com.au www.morrisonmedia.com.au/TBAMads.php
  7. thumperdownunder

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    have a look at www.motorcycledaily.com/bikes
  8. thumperdownunder

    Gas-Gas, what a bad name!!!

    It is usually the 18 year olds that are the frustrating source of such inane topics. Quoting Felixtimlock (in MY opinion, an equally silly name re:gasgas); "it would be confusing if manufacturers changed bike colors often". My 2nd. bike Yam. yz80D was yellow, next year my yz 80E was white, my wr400 many years later was blue. Ktms have been white and different shades of orange. Confusing, how so? When it comes to the critics of a brand, is it arrogance or ignorance? I suspect a bit of both. GasGas have improved the 450fse every year. Yes, 03/04 did have some reliability problems, but sorted as model year progressed, just like every other manufacturer. 06 model loved by most who have it. Read the forums at Smackover, you may learn something. I also find it laughable that the above topic originator probably transports his bike 1-2 hours drive from city(Melbourne pop. 3million plus) to ride in the "bush", yet availability of bikes within 30-45mins. of city(Dandenong/Frankston- suburbs). Go to www.dirtbikeworld.net.au, many tests on G.G. A recent (Feb.06'?) issue of Australasian dirtbike rated the GG 450 JUST behind the ktm- 6 or 7 bikes tested. I don't own a GG yet, so no bias distorts my view, but an 07 300ec or 450fse will be in the garage come next Feb. Too many owners absolutely RAVE about them. B.
  9. thumperdownunder

    2007 JK jeep wrangler

    VM-Motori site: information on R428 motor indicates an extremely capable motor. Hope it is the D-motor they offer here (Aust.). thanks B.
  10. thumperdownunder

    2007 JK jeep wrangler

    Yes, foreign markets will get the diesel - according to what's reported in the magazines(AUST. 2nd. biggest market for Wrangler outside U.S.). Regarding the 2.8 T.D., is it a relatively new motor, or something that has been around for years ( currently drive a new model toyota hilux with 3.0 litre T.D.- plenty of go due to common rail technology). Is the 2.8 common rail? Any issues with reliability, and in terms of power/torque, any figures? thanks B.
  11. thumperdownunder

    Why do people hate Reed?

    Love the trans-Pacific banter: good laugh to end the day. Raven_9, "hook,line & sinker" award for the month of May?
  12. What's the word on the new model JK Wrangler (short wheel base); here in Australia we've been getting pictures in 4x4 mags, but no real idea when it is going to be released. Any idea when released in the U.S.? thanks B.
  13. Noticed an advertisement in an Aust. 4x4 mag. recently regarding a dash mounted LCD screen and infrared camera(very small, attached to sports bar in a pickup). Anybody using these for safety/reversing? What are the good brands in the U.S., and where do you get them from? thanks B.
  14. thumperdownunder

    GasGas OpinionsOpinions

    Pipe guards(alloy) for GG 300ec; who sells/makes them in the U.S.? thanks, B.
  15. thumperdownunder

    Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier?

    Asked why not a chevy/ford? By the time they are converted to right hand drive and duty added etc, too expensive. For example, Ford diesel 4 door with all extras (F250) is about $70,000 , compared to high spec Hilux/tacoma is 52,000.