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  1. letter

    cutting out high rpm

    The last few weeks my 2008 KTM200XC-W has been cutting out at high rpm. I replaced the spark plug but that did not help. I have the JD jet kit in my bike. Right now it has the JD red #4, 170 main jet and stock pilot. I have my air screw out 2.5 turns. The temperatures her in southern Illinois have been in the 90s with high humidity. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is my jetting too rich? Can too rich jetting cause cutting out?
  2. letter

    Best YZ450F chain

    With respect to Grayracer's statement that there is no reason to remove the masterlink, how do you, when installing the rear wheel, put the chain over the rear sprocket while keeping the chain adjuster bolts in the same position they were in when you removed the rear wheel?
  3. I've done searches but haven't got definitive answers. Does anybody use Twin Air Bio foam filter oil, the biodegradable stuff? Is it tacky like Maxima or Bel Ray? Has anyone experienced any dirt getting into their airbox when using the Twin Air Bio?
  4. letter

    zip ty mod, WOW!

    What is the BK mod?
  5. letter

    revalve for woods

    Thanks for the replies. I'd have to send my stuff to MX-Tech because I'm in southern Illinois, in the St. Louis area.
  6. letter

    revalve for woods

    What company would you recommend for a revalve for woods riding for a 2004 YZ450F?
  7. letter

    Petroleum oil better?

    Thanks for the replies. Gray, the article is very short; if you don't subscribe to Dirt Rider you can just glance at it at the supermarket if you get a chance. There's really nothing more to read in the article about the petroleum versus synthetic issue.
  8. In the November issue of Dirt Rider, there is an article by Ron Hinson on clutch inspection. Hinson says that petroleum oil is better than synthetic oil for the clutch. He says that on an engine where the same oil bathes the clutch and the top end one should use high quality pure petroleum oil and change it often. He says that in such an engine the oil will become contaminated from the clutch long before it degenerates so that the long-lasting benefits of synthetic oils are wasted. Does anyone have any comments?
  9. letter

    KTM guy's YZ post from this morning?

    Is it a lot more difficult to climb hills on a 200XC as opposed to a 250XC or a 300XC?
  10. letter

    KTM parts

    Bryan: I really like your TT store. Why is it that your oem store does not have microfiches for all of the years of bikes? For instance, I think that there is only one year for the YZ250.
  11. letter

    KTM parts

    What's the best place on the internet to purchase KTM oem parts?
  12. letter

    Twin Air Bio

    Thanks for the replies.
  13. letter

    Twin Air Bio

    Has anyone used the Twin Air Bio system? Is the Twin Air Bio oil real tacky or not and does it filter as good as other oils, like Maxima FFT?
  14. letter

    installing shift lever

    Thanks for the replies.
  15. letter

    installing shift lever

    No, I have the bolt all the way out.