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    Yoshimura contact details

    Delnari - Where are you in Japan? I see you have the Rough and Road site up there. I am here in Japan also. I am military in Yokosuka. I ride a 2005 DRZ400SM. PM me here and we will talk. Bill1960 - I have the Yoshimura carb on my bike mentioned above. It is awesome, huh? It was expensive, but so worth it. At first I had tuning trouble also, but Yoshimura helped me work out the bugs. Check this site: http://www.yoshimura-jp.com/en/index.html It is Yoshimura Japan but English version. Yoshimura has many English speakers, and you can mail them. They are more than happy to help in any way. I can vouch for that. I can also call them for you if you can get a parts list to me. All is up to you, but I gave you a starting point. I hope it helps. Jay
  2. Dr Suz

    05' Drz400sm Black!!

    I just picked mine up this past Monday! I race a Honda SP2, and I will admit......I think I like this thing better than the Honda. It is awesome! I can go anywhere, and it is good enough for a 400. How should I really break thi sthing in? Also, when should I do the first oil change? On top of those 2 questions......how long can I run this thing on the freeway? Is it good to run this thing for long periods or no? Blast if you will, but I am used to sportbikes, and being able to ride them for 6 or more hour trips. Thanks all.