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    Motor Oil for DR350SE

    Well, thanks all for the replies. Nice link, Bugtussle. It looks like I'll be trying a full synthetic then. And since my bike wants 10/40 oil, I should avoid the slipping clutch issue Circletree was having using 10/30 synthetic oil ( At least according to the article Bugtussle provided a link to). I just figured synthetic oil is a (relatively) cheap way of providing a little extra protection in an air cooled engine, where I guess the oil can take more of a beating than in a liquid cooled motor. Thanks again.
  2. Sextan

    Motor Oil for DR350SE

    Hi; Hopefully this doesn't sound like a dumb question, but I'm new to motorbikes and the 1995 DR350SE I recently bought is my first motorcycle. I'm really enjoying this bike, a lot of fun. What I wondered about was whether or not it is OK to use a full synthetic 10-40 motor oil in it? And if it is OK, do you guys think there is any real benefit over regular oil? Thanks!
  3. Sextan

    Owner's Manual

    Hi all! Just wondered if anyone out there knew where I could get hold of an owner's manual for a 1995 Suzuki DR350 (Dual-Sport) I just bought. Does anyone know if the manual can be downloaded off of the internet? Thanks.