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  1. m00dcw00

    Positive valve experience ??

    I ran my 05 from new for nearly a year without problems, the problems happened when i put a hole in the side and lost all the oil. Lucky for me it nipped on the piston and stopped the bike before it did any real damage. After sending the head away and getting the seats cut and new valves installed it again ran for a fair period before they started to move. I now run the bike give it the odd shim just to assist and as soon as the valves start to move alot get a new set put in. the cost is not that high. I may think about fitting stainless or getting a set of better titanium to try and will probably replace the seats next time. All in all the bike is a pleasure to ride and if you race the things you have to expect to spend money. We used to race supermoto Quads with KX500 engines these required full strip and rebuild (gearbox inc) new piston and even had to replace the engine studs after 6 weekends of racing. That said the kx was giving 75bhp at the rear wheels of a quad. Thanks to Honda for building this excellent little bike.
  2. m00dcw00

    Starter Clutch Problems

    it does not move in/out the starter is conected via a one way clutch so as the engine turns it does not drive on the starter but when you pres the button it causes the one way clutch to engage as the engine fires up the speed causes the clutch to disengage.
  3. m00dcw00

    Stock exhaust, plug removed DB level?

    I removed it and had it noise tested at an ACU Enduro it registed 102db that was with the airbox opened up and jetted. If you drill the bung or cut the back off it is about 92.
  4. m00dcw00

    Starter Clutch Problems

    I have been having a problem with the electric start and i am sure its related to the One way starter clutch. Has any one replaced one yet? I have removed it and it has a few wear marks. Basically when you start the bike sometimes it will start fine other times it sticks and it will not spin up fully. If you try kick start it you can feel it still engaged to the starter making it imposible to kick off. if you keep jabbing the start button it will eventually disengage and you can kick it off Thanks