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  1. Tim Butler

    Shift shaft

    I called YAMAHA and they said they would take care of it. I was disapointed with the dealer they just wanted to blame me. I have bought 8 bikes from them in the last 3 years you would think they would stand by me.
  2. Tim Butler

    Shift shaft

    Thank you for you advice and help.
  3. Tim Butler

    Shift shaft

    I bought a 2006 wr450 about 3 weeks ago. When I picked it up I noticed it was a little difficult to get in to neutral I did not think much about it I figured it was just new and a little rough around the edges. The first ride out was spent jetting and setting up the suspension. After 3 rides the neutral problem was not getting better so I took it back to the dealer. After inspection the shop manager and mechanic told me the shift shaft was bent and it was a rider era. (some one landed on the shifter after a jump). I have been ridding for 30 year and I would know if I landed on the shifter. Has any one experienced similar problems? Is it possible to bend the shaft with the aluminum shifter.
  4. Tim Butler

    Timing Chain Adjustment Help!!

    Thanks for your help
  5. Tim Butler

    Timing Chain Adjustment Help!!

    Trying to get the timing chain set correctly and can not make any sense of all the marks on the cam and flywheel. I really need some help!
  6. Tim Butler

    Rear Brakes (NEED HELP!!!) XR 400

    After riding my bike for a little while i took my rear pads back off to see what was going on. It seems like they are not wearing flat. Should i just keep riding the break till it hits the entire surface area or are they installed incorrectly? Is there any kind of tweakin i can do? Is this normal? I did check the caliper *sp* and when i pushed a screw driver and squeezed it in and then pumped the break it came back out and pushed the pads just fine. So, i think those are ok? Thanks for all your help guys! Mercury
  7. Tim Butler

    What do you think???

    Very nice