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    1988 Suzuki 230 Quadrunner muffler jury rig

    You got it right smashinz...southern engineering! If you hear of someone who has did it to their muffler system on their quadrunner please send them to me...I need some advice on how to do it...what muffler to use etc... Thanks for getting back. Fred
  2. I want to put a jury rigged muffler on the existing exhaust of the above quadrunner or use a plain jc whitney small car muffler....anything but the $ 169 dollar replacement that they want to sell me. The muffler it has on it is too loud and I'll be using it in a quiet farm area...don't want to bother the neighbors. Have any of you rigged a second muffler sort of like the universal stealth systems. I aint worried about it being pretty and awsum'. How about taking it to a muffler shop and letting them weld one on?... Advise please Thanks, Fred