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  1. safetyguru

    Any benefit in keeping....

    Any benefit in keeping my '04 xr250r once i get the wr450f? Other than providing something for my bro to ride when he visits?
  2. safetyguru

    WR450-Hare Scrambles?

    How would the -04, -05 WR450 handle a hare scramble? Know it's the machine for enduros and am envious of any having one. Not able to get mine until this October. I think I've ruled out the CRF450x for the Blue Thumper, but interested in its other capabilities. SG
  3. safetyguru

    How much for a xr250

    I bought my '04 xr250r for $3400 in March. It had 10 hrs on it and she's a runner. If you are really waiting for a xr400, just hold tight and keep waiting, it'll show up.
  4. safetyguru

    Until October

    I am 6'4", 240. I have an xr250r and need to set my sag for trail riding. I don't want to invest the $ into getting new springs, as I am getting a WR450 in the Fall, but want to be able to ride without bottoming out too often-understanding that this will be a challenge, but not jumping anything. What advice can you give me so that I can have a little fun until October gets here. SG
  5. safetyguru

    Blue Diamond

    Couldn't make it and screwed myself waitnig til sunday-too much rain. Anyone know where I can ride in VA, near Richmond? Going to Richmond Fri-Sun and would like to take the bikes w/me if there is somewhere relatively close.
  6. safetyguru

    Blue Diamond

    I'm a newbie, and will likely be out there too for the first time. Look for a Blue GMC Yukon w/a carrier hauling an XR250R. I'll be the one that looks like he doesn't know what he's doing. SG
  7. safetyguru

    Feeling good about my XR250

    I gotta tell you I haven't felt this good about the decision to buy my xr since I bought it. In March I bought a slightly used '04 xr250 and with a little messing around, I managed to make it fit my 6'4" frame. I have have been getting so much crap about getting it from friends riding KDX220r's and DRZ400's that I almost began to question myself. Thanks for all your postings of your bikes and I can't wait to get out on the trails this weekend and show 'em what the xr is made of. Glad I found TT. Thanks -SG
  8. safetyguru


    I'm 6'4", 240 lbs. Want a 450. Will the x deliver better than the WR Yammer? I have heard so much good about the 250x and the wr, but just heard about the 450. How is the 450x compared to the 250x? I'm a newbie, so I'm full of stupid questions. SG
  9. safetyguru

    Best MX song???

    Lenny Kravitz-Fly Away
  10. safetyguru

    Setting suspension

    undefined Hello, this is my first time here. First thing is first. I am completely new to off-road riding. I bought an xr250r in march and still have not been able to set the suspension/sag/rebouind etc. I have seen the links here and I am sorry, but I need a helping hand. I am 6'4" 230 and was told everything was set in the middle. I checked the front forks, rebound and damping and set them all in the middle click. When I put the bike on the stand (and that was tough-heavy) and sat down, I really went down. I know the spring has to be set by unlocking the lock nut and moving, but I don't know which way makes it harder and does making the seat harder prevent it sagging so low. Note: I need to make this work as I am riding an enduro in October, but am getting a new WR450F in November. I'm a newbe, so I'm full of stupid questions.