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  1. MA55IVE

    Akrapovic Exhaust System Questions ! ? ! ?

    The akra system is not road legal although it has inserts to provide differing DB levels. I believe it would fit but you may have to tinker around a bit, have a look at the demon tweeks catalog and then shop around. as for volume levels not quite as loud as a Muzzy or yosh but still quite fruity. bear in mind you will still have to buy the tester a drink for it to pass the MOT when it's due.
  2. MA55IVE

    help with mods for the wifes DR200

    I have a DR 200 sat in my shed doing nothing, i will be very interested in what turns up as i might think about reviving the old girl
  3. MA55IVE

    New model in the DRZ range

    The blue that neil was depicting was actually custom colours for the crescent suzuki race team, the actual colours would be more like the standard black SM
  4. MA55IVE

    New model in the DRZ range

    Yes the plastics look the same neil, i'm not sure about the joint shroud/mudguard more £££'s for replacement. Sorry to dissapoint chris521 but you won't get twin pipes yet, like i previously said the rest of the bike remains unchanged, they're just getting new plastics.
  5. MA55IVE

    New model in the DRZ range

    Well it seems the french the lucky buggers are going to recieve a new DRZ called the 'evo'. I was reading the latest issue of supermoto magazine and there was a little feature in there stating the french market will be recieving a re-styled drz sm. The evo will be mechanically identicle to the standard sm but with all new plastics including a combined headlight shroud/front mudguard. The plastics look to be the same as the concept SMR but with different graphics. I will try and get a copy of the article posted but i cant scan it in and i cant find any reference to it on the net. The article did state however that if it proves to be popular the new kit may be standard DRZ fare for 2007
  6. MA55IVE

    Broken Baja taillight

    Also did you put some of the obligatory sillicone around where the wires enter the unit, it is known to let in moisture, perhaps the cause of the malfunction? Some food for thought
  7. MA55IVE

    Can any UK DRZ-ers give me an opinion / lend a hand?

    Just had a look on the Royal Mail website www.royalmail.co.uk and all the PO services seem to have a 2kg limit so i guess you will have to wait for Neils trip to the Post Office.
  8. MA55IVE

    SM aftermarket bars

    It does feel better and strangely i swear i get less tank slap at high speeds
  9. MA55IVE

    SM aftermarket bars

    Stocker bolt was fine although i may have to get a longer SS one for when i finally purchase some cyra's
  10. MA55IVE

    SM aftermarket bars

    With regard to where i put the key switch its now on the right hand side of the cowell like this. but with regard to clutch cable routing i'm pretty sure it is how it was on the original bars.
  11. MA55IVE

    SM aftermarket bars

    If you r gonna put a fatbar on yer SM as i did, bear in mind the stock bar clamps only fit standard 7/8 inch bars so as motormoron stated then you will need to purchase an adaptet/aftermarket clamps. this is a tad more easy as the sm has a RM triple clamp and the bar clamps are completely replaceable. if a true straight swap is needed then go for a 7/8 inch bar, then you only have to worry about the nubs on the switch gear that need to be filed down and the standard, how do i get the grip off the throttle tube, worry, in a nutshell you can't remove it easily, do a search on this to reveal common solutions. My personal opinion, go for a renthal fatbar, street SM bend with matching renthal clamps. My Bars
  12. MA55IVE

    A bit of Red Bull bling!!!

    I cut quite a bit off the height, there is no reason a coke/pepsi/sprite etc can would not work.
  13. MA55IVE

    Mukini racing carb-FMF exhaust

    if you are serious about the bike get it but say you will fit the parts yourself, then sell them and put the cash towards the FCR and Yosh/muzzy, there is a reason they are the most commly used aftermarket parts.
  14. MA55IVE

    New SM Owner - A Few Pics and ?s

    Welcome to TT you will soon get bitten by the modding bug! you have found the best place for info there is. have fun on yer new baby, use the search button well! I remember when my SM was that clean!!!
  15. MA55IVE

    Michelin SM tire tube

    did u order via internet? if so they may have got the codes wrong, try ringing up and talking. by the way you may have an issue with the 165 on the rear, thats a whole 25mm on the stocker tyre, you may run into problems with chain rub, I know some have gotten a 160 cross section on, but i don't know bout a 165