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    Help with xr100r

    I am helping my little cousin fix his bike. He has a 2002 or 2003 xr100 that rode find in Attica In. untill he shut it off. Then it would not start. and has not run in about 6 weeks or so. Spark is good, cleaned carb, air breather but would not fire or even sputter. finally figured out it had to be in valves. So i adjusted the valves, which he never brought it in to be done for the ?hours checkup, and i think i have the valves right. It sputters a little but then seems to stop sputtering after a few kicks. (The timing seems to be slipping or something) Im not sure of the timimg, i messed with it and dont think i have it right. this is the post i tried to use to fix the timing. ( 1- take your flywheel and cam covers off. 2- take the cam sprocket loose. 3- line the "T" on the flywheel up with the notch in the case at the top. 4- line the "O" on the cam sprocket up with the notch at the front of the cam opening on the head by adjusting the cam chain till it lines up. 5- If both are lined up bolt the sprocket to the cam and put the covers back on. Good to go!) But not sure what he means by step 4. I see the o, but what notch at the front of the cam opening. And also after adjusting the timing how do i get it tight enough so it wont slip. Any help would be appreacited. Thanks, Telman