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  1. HomeTownHockeyFan

    Trailer Floor Sealer

    You may want to take a look at FastDeck - http://www.elite-xpressions.com/fastdeck.htm#info I will be using this on a trailer project I am currently building...so I don't have any experience with it...but, I did buy it already. :-) Key thing for me is it has UV protection builtin. Thanks...David
  2. HomeTownHockeyFan

    XR250/400 Same Frame?

    Not sure if you considered using -> http://its-titles.com/15price.htm I used them recently to title my 2002 XR250 and $200 and 3 weeks later I had my tag. Good luck... David
  3. HomeTownHockeyFan

    Vapor Temperature

    On my XR250 I installed the sensor under one of the rear bolts on the Cylinder Head Cover. My temperature ranges from a normal running temp of around 225F to a high of 325F (I was on a particularity rough rocky steep single track at the time of the 325F) I don't know how this compares to your readings in C. I plan on installing the oil temp sensor at some point in the future...I think that is more useful then the engine case temp. I hope this helps. David
  4. HomeTownHockeyFan

    Strange Oil Volumes

    I have seen the same thing on my XR250. Book tells you to check the oil with the dipstick after running the bike for at least 5 mins, turn off the bike, remove the dipstick, wipe it, then reinsert it, but not screw it in, then check the reading. I have found that it reads low after I change the oil. I usually end up pouring in the rest of the 2nd Qt to get the stick to read properly. Hopefully someone smarter them me can advise us as to which measurement/method is correct. Thanks...David
  5. HomeTownHockeyFan

    Well, lets beat a dead horse again *GETTIN TAGGED*

    I've heard good things about these guys...but, I have not used them myself -> http://its-titles.com/index.htm Good luck David
  6. HomeTownHockeyFan

    Looking for a trail bike to ride at slow speeds.

    I'd agree with the prior postings that a 250 size four stroke is your best bet. You would not be happy with a 125. My daughter has a TTR125L (The taller model with e-start) It is a very nice bike...but for me (6' 195lbs) it feels like a mini bike when I ride it. It is ok for a couple laps around the house...but, it is too small for trail riding. I do have to put one plug in for the TTR250. My riding buddy has one and I've ridden it enough to say they are more similar then different...except the TRR has e-start...which at times is a very nice feature to have. I would buy my XR250 again...but, I can see why some folks like the TTR250 better. Good luck in your selection. David
  7. HomeTownHockeyFan

    Pirelli MT21 Tire sizes for the XR250

    Thanks for all the input so far. I am now leaning towards the following: Front Kenda K777f 90/90-21 Pirelli MT18HD 90/90-21 Rear Kenda K760 Trakmaster II 100/100-18 Dunlop D606 120/90-18 I was going to go with a larger rear tire then stock...110/100 or 130/90...but, I've seen a fair amount of negative feedback on the disadvantages to the extra traction and weight. (there are a couple of times when I am struggling to get through a large mud hole that I would like a larger tire...but, most of the time I am pleased with the stock size) Thanks again... David
  8. HomeTownHockeyFan

    Pirelli MT21 Tire sizes for the XR250

    I would not have thought finding DOT tires would be so tough... Turns out is almost as bad as the which oil is best to use topic.... Thanks for all the feedback...the Pirelli sizing is now starting to make some sense. I was able to find lots of info on DOT tires for the larger bikes...but not as much on the 250 class..even though a lot of the discussion is relevant. Many folks like the Kenda Trakmasters for the rear...but, not as much agreement on the front. (lot of votes for the Perelli MT18) Thanks again for the input. David
  9. HomeTownHockeyFan

    Pirelli MT21 Tire sizes for the XR250

    I have searched till my eyes hurt...and still am not sure which is the right/best sized MT21s for my XR250. Bike is a 2002 XR250 that is mostly stock. I am converting it to Dual Sport to save me some time/effort in loading and unloading it and my friend's bike into my truck. Riding will be 90% off-road...mostly pipeline/powerline trails. Possible choices for the front are 80/100-21 or 90/90-21. Choices for the rear are 100/100-18, 110/80-18, 120/80-18, 120/90-18, or 130/90-18. I thought this would be simpler...but I have not been able to figure it out. Any and all advice and council is appreciated. :-) Thanks...David
  10. HomeTownHockeyFan

    KX80 Piston/Head/gasket problem?

    You never know...you might be correct...not sure how to determine that...I guess I should measure it to find out. In the meantime, I have developed a workaround that seems to work. Very carefully, I trimmed the inside of a new head gasket so that the hole in it is the same size as the top of the cylinder...removed about 1/16-1/32. I put it all back together, re-tightened everything to spec...and everything spins freely. I'll double check compression after testing it. Thanks...David
  11. HomeTownHockeyFan

    KX80 Piston/Head/gasket problem?

    Here's a strange one. I'm rebuilding an 2000 KX80 engine. I bought the bike from the second owner so I don't know it's history. I'm now in the process of putting the engine back together after having the crank and rod bearings replaced. The engine had 120 PSI of pressure before I tore it down, so I decided to not replace the piston and rings at this time. (Bike is for a 12yr old moving from an XR80 so I'd prefer it to not be any faster then it already is) I replaced the head and base gaskets with Cometic ones. And before I finished tightening everything to spec...I gently used the kickstart to make sure everything worked like it should, and it felt fine. After my final tightening...I tried the kickstart again...and was surprised to have the piston stop and not complete it's cycle. (Stopped at the top...first I thought it was hitting the plug) I removed the cylinder/head, double checked, everything looked fine..put back together again... and the problem was the same. In looking further, the piston appears to be hitting the head gasket...and upon further inspection, the opening in the head gasket is slightly smaller then the piston..enough so that the piston will not pass through it. (Also, in looking in the cylinder with the gasket and head installed you can clearly see that the gasket is larger then the opening...it sticks in maybe 1/32nd of an inch) Does this sound normal? Do I have the wrong gasket? Or is my base gasket too thin so that the piston goes to far up in the cylinder? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks...David
  12. HomeTownHockeyFan

    Year indicated in VIN?

    Try this link to the Kawasaki web site to look up a VIN. I used it today and discovered that the 1999 cycle I just bought is actually a 2000 :-) http://www.buykawasaki.com/DefaultFrame.aspx?strContentURL=/SITE/VIVEHICLEINFORMATION/VICHOOSEVEHICLE.ASP