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  1. slim54

    New track rules-Women's class

    Women's/Girls classes in Colorado MX clubs: SRAC Girls 7-13 65cc-105cc (7-8 yr olds can ride 65-85cc only, 9-13 yr olds can ride 65cc-105cc, wheel size - min 12" rear, max 14" front (65cc), min 14" rear, max 17" front (85cc), min 14" rear, max rear 16", max 17" front (105cc)) Women A, B, C - (all ages, minimum of 85cc 2 stroke and 125cc 4 stroke, minimum wheel base 48") Vet Women 30+ (yah! This class was just added this year after some of us old gals petitioned for it. We figure the average number in this class will be 5-10 racers. However, the club runs the class even if there is only 1 person signed up for that race day, you just don't get a trophy unless there are at least 2.) RMXA Girls 7-13 65cc-105cc (mini cycles only, front wheel max 17", rear wheel max 16") Women A, B, C - (all ages, minimum of 85cc 2 stroke and 125cc 4 stroke, minimum wheel base 48") I think we are lucky in Colorado to have all these choices. It really does encourage women and girls to race more, which makes it more fun!
  2. slim54

    A project I dreamed up

    I have a movie clip of me jumping over my husband in the sand dunes. He has such trust in me not to run over him
  3. slim54

    Sex after pregnancy

    More importantly, how long do you wait to ride after giving birth??? I wasn't riding dirt bikes back when I had my son who is 11 now, but I'm pregnant again and due in May. That is when the race season is really picking up and I'm wondering how soon I'll be able to get back out there. Any advice? After my son was born I remember feeling pretty good a couple of weeks afterwards, no pain or bleeding. I don't remember when I had sex again though, it was a long time ago. I recently read that within 2 weeks the cervix is closed so no danger of infections. As long as your stiches are healed if you have them, which usually takes 1-2 weeks, there is no bleeding, and you aren't in any pain, then sex is ok. You should be good to go at 4 weeks. The 6 week rule is an old standard. Don't let the doctor scare you.
  4. slim54

    Knee Guards - Need Advice from Thumperettes

    I'm 5'1" also and the adult knee pads are way too big. Right now I'm using the Six Six One Moto Knee/Shin guard in the youth size: http://www.sixsixone.com/Catalog_661Moto.aspx?id=b85b7482-a39a-4fc4-916c-903233443fdf&product=268c5514-bc5b-41db-a8cd-7b2bb4068a64 They fit perfect but when the velcro wears out they don't stay in place, especially the top. The pair I had lasted a long season of racing and riding but I recently got a new pair due to the worn out velcro. I wish there were some other options but the only ones that fit are youth and those choices are limited and don't seem to be as nice as the adult pads.
  5. slim54

    O.T. Need help, daughters acne...

    Try Desogen BC or generic is Apri. As I got older acne got worse, I'm 37 now. But ever since I've been taking Apri, for 3 years now, I never break out, no matter how much I sweat or what I eat. I still wash my face twice a day but this stuff is like a miracle drug. Oh and my breasts got a little bigger too, and that side affect didn't wear off! No other side affects either in terms of water weight or any of those other pms symptoms.
  6. slim54

    Some More Pic's of Ashleigh

    Awesome pics. I wish we had dirt like that in Colorado! I want to ride in Oklahoma.
  7. slim54


    Is anyone else afraid to ride sometimes? I've been riding for years and racing for 4, but just recently I'm scared to ride! A week ago someone died at one of the local tracks we go to and I'm freaked out The guy was about my age and was just riding around and crashed and broke his neck! It makes me sad and sick to think about. That could be me or my husband. Also, it seems like there have been many injuries at the races lately, I guess to be expected, but I can't stop thinking that I might get hurt next. I broke my heal a few years ago and it hurt! I've had my share of minor get offs and those hurt too! How do I get past this? I think guys have an easier time accepting the risk and also younger girls and guys. Maybe I'm just old
  8. slim54

    What would you do?

    His son should disown his mother for denying his father the right to be a part of his life! How was my husband supposed to know he had another child? When she said it was his and he tried to take responsibility she split, never to be seen again, until now, 15 years later. So he assumed it wasn't his. I suspect that he may have never found out the truth, but the mom needs money and that's what it boils down to for her. Otherwise she would have tried to contact him because he was findable. And even as a single mother, she could have gone to school so she could have a better job, she's 34 for Christ sake, no exuses for being a loser! Plus at $7 an hour she still only works 26 hours a week. &%$#@!. And she's divorced with another, younger child. How does she even survive on that. I suspect she's on welfare and they are the one's that initiatied the whole paternity suit on her behalf. I have no sympathy for her because I was a single mother for a while and I worked my ass off to support my child, plus the father was always involved from day one! She deserves bad mouthing. I hate free loaders. And to clarify my husbands fathering skills. I have a 10 year old son from a previous marriage that lives with us, and he is a wonderful step dad. He also has two grown boys and has always been involved in their lives. He had custody of them for 5 years when they were younger. I think he and their mom failed to emphasis education, therefore they both failed 2 years in school. They aren't stupid, just an example of poor parenting, and circumstance. That bothers me but I can accept it. What I can't accept is being surprised by the whole situation of another child out of the blue and all that goes along with it. Actually, I am starting to accept it. The truth is my husband is a good guy and I love him. It will take me time to fully come to terms but I think we are headed in the right direction. So far there hasn't been any contact between my husband and the child. Not sure what will happen there. For all we know, the kid may not want anything to do with his real Dad. I still have mixed feelings about the relationship between them, but my husbands instincts are to get to know the kid. I'm selfish and I don't want him too but I know that is the right thing to do. I just want things to be the same as they were before, but I guess life isn't like that. Would probably be boring if it was. All of the input on this thread has really helped me! I'm feeling better. We are going riding tonight
  9. slim54

    What would you do?

    Thanks for the responses...It helps to get some perspective. He did get a DNA test and it was 99% positive that he is the biological father. The child support laws in Colorado state that as long as the child is younger than 18, not adopted by someone else, and not already emancipated, then the biological father has a responsiblity to pay until that child is 19 and has graduated from high school. If they haven't graduated then you have to pay until they do or until they turn 21 or leave home (become emancipated). We consulted a lawyer and he said that we should feel lucky that the girl isn't asking for back child support, which apparently she has a right to do! Unbelievable that that is even an option!!! I realize that being angry isn't helping the situation and I'm trying to get past this. I feel bad for my husband who now has to live with the fact that he wasn't aware or involved with his own child all these years. I don't have any sympathy yet though because I feel like he was stupid to get in that situation. Maybe it is hard for me to relate to how helpless guys can be regarding reproduction. However, I also think that responsibility starts before you have sex. I mean if you aren't even serious about someone and you trust with something like that, you are an idiot!!!
  10. slim54

    What would you do?

    My husband of 2 years (been together 3), just found out that he's the biological father of a 15 year old boy. Apparently the chick told him she was pregnant with his child. But then she took off, had the kid, returned when the baby was 4 months old and he said ok let's take care of it together. She didn't like that and decided to split, never to be seen or heard from again until now! He never pursued it thinking maybe the kid wasn't his. Well now he (we) are on the hook for $588 a month for child support because the loser mom only makes $7 an hour at mini mart. I'm so angry! First of all, he failed to mention this possiblity before we got married. I guess I can understand that sort of. But I'm mad at him for being an idiot and getting into that situation in the first place. He barely knew this girl and then he didn't even try to figure out what the real situation was. I'm also mad at the stupid girl who decided to take this on and basically steal the child from his father. I'm just outraged and now we have to pay for what I consider basically a sperm donation. I don't want him to have anything to do with those people. By the way he already has 2 older boys by another marriage which was the result of an unintended preganancy. Didn't he learn!!! Those boys are almost 21 and 19. The 19 year old is still in high school and has 1 more year becuse he and his brother were allowed to fail 2 years!! So we are paying child support for them still too! That ex also barely makes minimum wage so the majority of the support burden is on my husband. I'm having such a hard time accepting this whole thing and I've lost my enjoyment of riding and pretty much everything else in life right now and worst of all, I've lost total respect for my husband. It isn't even about the money totally, although it really bugs me, but I just feel threatened by some other people who had their chance with my husband before, but now it is my time to be with him and not be bothered by the past! What should I do?? What would you do?
  11. slim54

    Kiwi girl wins in US

    I saw it. I was right next the jump Katherine crashed on. She landed on another rider at the top of the huge step up jump (the other rider came over into her line ). I read that she rode the last 2 laps of that moto with a broken wrist. Those women are so gutsy to jump that big gap. Very impressive! I saw quite a few women and men for that matter, casing the top of that thing, scary.
  12. slim54

    Women MXers Qualifying @National Level

    Why is a pro WMA National not real??? It is as real as any national, the best of the best. I've only raced as an amateur with WMA, and I don't have the talent or guts to be a pro, not to mention I'm old with a family to support blah blah blah. But this isn't about me, this is about supporting and promoting girls and women in the sport. The pro WMA women race the same tracks as the men, usually the Sat. before a Sun. pro AMA race. They and the amateurs kick butt and should be given credit for how fast they are. They don't need to race with the men to prove anything. I applaude any of them that try to qualify in the mens races but I think they can be great by winning against other women and they derserve our respect instead of discounting them as nothing special unless the race with the guys. That's like reverse discrimination
  13. slim54

    Women MXers Qualifying @National Level

    Just to be clear, I never said it was easier back in the 80's. I was pointing out the fear factor. The bikes are faster so the speed is higher and the jumps are bigger. That increases the danger. Just an opinion And if you don't think that the WMA races aren't the real MX world then you don't know what you are talking about. Have you ever raced in a WMA national? I have, and it is as real as it gets.
  14. slim54

    Women MXers Qualifying @National Level

    This isn't about chauvinism. Men and women are different and that is a good thing, and something that isn't going to change just because more women start racing. It just isn't a fair competetion, if it was then why don't they combine the men and women in the olympic sports or the NBA/WNBA? It is more fun to compete against people of your like size and ability.
  15. slim54

    Women MXers Qualifying @National Level

    No I didn't race in the 80's and I'm not trying to discredit anyone that raced back then, those guys and gals are awesome. The point I was trying to make is that the sport has increased in speed and danger which makes it more scary regardless of the advances in the bikes. You have to take more risk these days to win races and the consequences are greater. Rather than worrying about a woman qualifying for a men's race, I think a better option is to increase the awareness of the Womens Motocross Association (www.wmaracing.com) which promotes and supports women's amateur and pro racing. I think there should be more women's nationals (there are 8 scheduled this year) then there would be no reason or time to race with the guys.