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    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    Rules are rules. He/ his team, is responsible for what is going on with his bike. The same testing that was done on Chad's and Jame's was done on Ricky's and he failed. Maybe if the FIM came in to save the day for them, their fuel might not have failed. Who knows. As far as the whining, he was on camera cussing about the fuel situation and crying how the AMA cost him his championship on more than one occasion. His team broke a rule, no matter how dumb of a rule, and he should be penalized for it. Just my opinion....
  2. Phxsparky12

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    It doesn't seem very fair that Chad and James had both of their penalties upheld last year. What would the outcome of the point series been last year if both of those riders had not been penalized? RC is a great rider, but he is also a great whiner!! RC didn't cry when those two guys recieved point deductions and asked for them to be overturned. RC's penalty should stand. Breaking a rule is breaking a rule. He knew the rules and broke them. Deal with it!!
  3. Phxsparky12

    BEWARE!!!! Telly Harrison is a CON MAN!!

    I kinda felt right from the beginning that something wasn't right. I like to trust people but not as far as sending my bike out without getting the cash first. I thought about trying to see how far I could go with this as far as setting him up. The thing that bothers me is that there is someone in San Diego that sent me this check that is just as guilty as the rest. Hopefully someone with mor computer knowledge can track him down and kick the shit out of him!! Good Riding All!!
  4. Beware of Telly_Harrison. He offered to buy my CRF 450 for my asking price plus he would have it shipped. Said he had a local shipper to take care of shipping so he would include money to cover shipping. He sent a cashiers check with an additional $1000 to cover shipping. Seems odd already. He stated he was from the UK but the check came from California, seems strange again. The check was from Bank of America. too bad it was fake. I took it to the bank and they said the account number was bogus. Watch out for this scam. I had already heard about this stuff going on, but I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt. No I did not ship my bike to him or send any money to his shipper. Just want everyone else to be aware of this.
  5. I am in need of a "GOOD" used 03-04 450 head. Mine decided to eat a valve shortly after I bought the bike. I would prefer the head to be complete with the valves and everything, but I am open for options as well. Hopefully someone has a take off one laying around they want to get rid of. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance. Rob