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  1. the ignition switch on my bike is pretty banged up.. the bike suffered a pretty decent turtle during a stoppie.. the cluster was smashed and such.. i'm gettng my bike ready to sell since i just don't ride anymore.. i want to fix this eye sore in the cleanest way possible.. without breaking the bank.. if i could find an alternate suzuki ignition with keys, for less than what drz units go for.. i would be happy.. i've also looked at some of the generic aftermarket keys, ahem ebay, but they are all on/off with four wires while the drz400sm is actually a on/off/park with only 4 wires.. seems easy enough to figure out.. just looking for some thoughts from the board.. thanks.
  2. badbennyb

    Kick Only Conversion

    starting with a SM model.. i want to convert it to a kick start only.. i know i need to get my hands on the kit or atleast all of the parts i would use in the kit.. but i want to keep a key and the option of running street lights. no horn, no fan, no cluster, stripped down.. i know i would need a stator cover for a now e-start.. but i think i read that the non e-start stator cover will not fit over the stator in s/sm..verify? to remove the battery, i would need a capacitor.. correct? i've noticed, i think, that the voltage regulators are different part numbers.. i've read the added notes for the kicker conversion.. i would prefer to put oem parts inside my motor rather than brass spacers from the depot.. can this be done or are the cases different..? is there a definitive thread on this that i have missed in the last few days of researching this topic..?
  3. badbennyb

    pegs.. all the same..?

    it's a sad story.. but i'm getting my drz ready to be sold.. my pegs have been down a couple times and it's a small thing that makes the bike look more beat than it really is.. looking at ebay.. the place to go when $$ is a factor.. there are a few listing for some 20 dollar pegs.. i just want to make sure that all drz's used the same mounting for pegs.. i think it is more likely that sellers are using a file image than suzuki changed the peg mounting for the sm.. thanks..
  4. badbennyb

    Trail Tech Vapor, Pro's & Con's

    so if i buy vapor pn: 752-700.. do i understand it that this will plug in to the harness on my sm.. and include the temp sender..? and i will make the provision for the tach.. i would need to buy or make a mounting but that is it correct..? i don't want to use the rad hose thing. i want to thread a sensor into the radiator or somewhere..
  5. badbennyb

    road side fix = new questions..

    yea.. cut harness on sidestand side.. bared wires, crimped into butt connector.. clutch switch removed..
  6. badbennyb

    road side fix = new questions..

    i plugged my busted ass cluster in.. and yeah.. it does work.. ha.. the bike suffered a nose over turtle during a stoppie by a "friend"..
  7. badbennyb

    road side fix = new questions..

    ps.. testing method for switch.. t pin back probe on blk/wht then small probe on dvom at pin face of connector.. in N pink - no continuity blue - no continuity in ANY gear pink - no continuity blue - no continuity
  8. badbennyb

    road side fix = new questions..

    the sensor that is "behind" the shifter.. three wire.. blk/wht pink and blue.. i removed the air box cover to reach the connector.. and yes eddie.. it rode fine with it unplugged.. is it necessary to replace the sensor..?
  9. badbennyb

    road side fix = new questions..

    basically.. bike was intermittenly cutting out while riding.. got progressively worse up to today.. wrenched around looking for shorts/ignition problems.. found nothing.. button'd it up and headed out for a ride.. 9 minutes in.. first hiccup.. 13 minutes in.. casual city traffic.. thing starts not running.. 16 minutes in.. will ONLY run in N.. i sit on the curb.. poke around.. let it cool off.. poke some more.. finally.. it occurs to me.. i UNPLUGGED the gear postion switch.. keep in mind it runs/revs fine in N.. but dies like kill button pushed style as soon as you shift into gear.. so.. nuetral switch plugged in.. death.. unplugged.. good to go.. a)has any had these go bad..? b)any OTHER problems suggested by this "test"..?
  10. badbennyb

    05 sm - stalling - but rips..?!?

    i know that "lean is mean" but i haven't had any issues until this showed up.. also.. it shoots a large fire ball after reignition suggesting there is fuel pooling.. has anyone heard of cdi boxes going out..?
  11. i have somewhere between 4-6k on my bike.. maybe more.. lost the cluster at 3800.. that was ahwhile ago.. a few weeks ago, at the track.. i started getting a bog in hard rights on full throttle at exit.. first thought.. gas.. so i filled it up.. still had the bog.. talked with another drz owner.. he suggested unplugging the tps.. stock carb.. i did that.. seemed to cure the problem as i put in 4 more sessions before packing up.. fast forward week or so.. i go for a rip around town.. its hot.. after about 20 minutes it started to stall like it was out of gas again.. so i pull into a station.. i see fuel splash while tipping the bike.. so i skip gas.. limp home.. its cutting out the whole way.. like NO NOISE.. bump the magic button, blip the throttle and its back.. now, the confusing part.. i experienced my first 4th gear wheelie.. its not done that.. the thing is ripping harder than it has ever before.. and that worries me.. i was able to put 2 gallons in the bike after this.. so i was back to gas.. but today on my way to work.. in traffic.. again high ambient.. light turns green.. traffic moves.. but slow.. clutch in for 1-2 shift.. motor dies.. downshift, blast clutch.. motor revives.. throw some revs.. haul ass.. the bike is stock.. snorkle pulled, and an off brand full exhaust.. i'm thinking its spark cause it loads up on fuel and shoots a pretty good fire ball after reignition.. please fellow riders.. give me some direction...
  12. badbennyb

    tubeless q's...

    so i've read thru abunch of threads.. and i need a diffinitive answers.. 05 sm.. stock wheels.. plus seal the spokes.. can i run a tubeless tire with out problems at the beads? has any one purchased from or dealt with euro choice... just noticed that they are from here in colorado.. thanks in advance.. benny
  13. badbennyb

    laid over nite..

    so i have my sm laid on it's side letting the jbweld dry over the crack in the case cover... is it a problem to leave it on it's side over night... i'd like as much dry time as possible.. thanks in advance.. benny b
  14. badbennyb

    shifter interchange..

    so i laid my 'tard over on the left side.. the shift bent and peirced the cover.. you all know the story or fear it happening to you... my question is.. i got a buddy who has an extra 01 shifter.. from an e i think.. will it fit on my 05 sm? thanks in advance.. benny b
  15. badbennyb

    BD LED tail.. and the po-po's

    thanks for the imput guys.. i ordered mine last night.. the rear end got a bid or "re-model" when i looped a wheelie.. the guys i ride/stunt with and i had an on going debate on wether or not you could scrape fender and ride out.. i said no.. they said yes.. i finally got the junk up to dipp it back that far and i don't think your coming back.. the swing arm got all weird and squirlly.. anyways.. i want to clean that up and get the heat of my back.. i had the plate zip tied to two small tabs in the subframe just in front of where the light is hanging.. it was a casualty to a two-up double spreader on sat.. benny b ::edit:: do we not get pics in the threads? it's up as an &%$#@!?