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  1. MMFerris

    '05 stock exhaust

    Is this worth anything to anyone?
  2. MMFerris

    radiator and header rubbing

    I found a local shop (Brown's Welding in Boulder) that will clearance the old radiator and TIG weld fill the hole where it melted for $85. Way better than the shop wanting $350 for a new one only to hammer on it. I love the motorcycle community and the good people in it. I found this shop by asking my local machinist, who also rides, for a referral. He sent me to a local radiator repair shop but when I went there they had gone out of business. A guy in the shop next door saw the radiator in my hand and asked what it was to and then we talked for 20 minutes in his shop while looking at his bike and setting up some mutual rides for the summer. He sent me 3 blocks over to Brown's where it's getting fixed. All dumb luck and motorcyclist helping each other out. Thanks!
  3. MMFerris

    radiator and header rubbing

    I put a full Ti Yosh on my '05 DRZ400S about three years ago. I thought the header was too close to the radiator when I installed it but let it go. Not a problem since until the radiator sprung a leak yesterday. When I pulled off the radiator there is a hole where the header has been rubbing/melting the lower portion of the radiator. Has anyone else seen this? Any suggested fixes besides put on a new radiator and hope it lasts another 3 years? Cheers! Matt P.S.- if you have a kegerator or know someone that does, check out a side company I started a few months back: www.kegcaptap.com
  4. MMFerris

    Limited Edition = Investment?

    Not a "thumper" question really but... My brother wants to buy an '06 Yamaha YZF-R1 LE. This is the limited edition anniversary model and they only released 500 to the US. They go for $18k! He thinks this would be an "investment" but I argue it would take 20+ years of not riding it to become so. What do you all think?
  5. MMFerris

    Can I get a stock blinker?

    I'm OK with the stock blinkers (even though I break several a season) and am wondering if anyone has a single or a pair they will sell me for cheap. BTW - thanks to those of you that have provided in the past
  6. MMFerris

    DRZ SM owners running Yosh TRC Ti System?

    I installed the Yosh full Ti system on my 2005 S model. I had to drill the lower screw hole for the passenger peg to pass the threaded screw for the pipe mount. This allowed me to keep the passenger pegs. I also had to use the normally unused mount on the sub frame (some guys mount a tool kit to this hole I think) for the mufflers canister bracket instead of the stock hole with rubber grommet. The pipe fits "fine" (Header is very close, within 2 RCHs, to the radiator and also very close to the jug in the mid pipe region). I've only had it on since Christmas but no problems so far and performance gain, sound, weight and cool factor savings are impressive.
  7. MMFerris

    Can't find Yoshi Ti. 3X3 ???

    Welcome! The S and SM are the same when it comes to exhaust. I just finished putting the full Ti TRS on my S model. It's not exactly made for the bike so you have to use some "creative mounting. I used one of the passenger peg mounts and an unused subframe mount to secure the pipe. It can work it you want the Ti system.
  8. MMFerris

    Where's the top end/main jet?

    Then why was in running like crap before and great now with the 130? Could a 132 be better yet?
  9. MMFerris

    Where's the top end/main jet?

    I took some initiative and replaced the main jet thinking the 128 was too lean. Put the 130 in, replaced the spark plug, turned the fuel screw out 2 1/2 turns and it's like a new bike. More hit on the low end and it's reving out on the top now. I think the fuel screw might still need some fine tuning but it's much better. I do have the insert in the pipe. Would I be crazy to think I might get further gains going to the 132 main jet?
  10. MMFerris

    Where's the top end/main jet?

    Done with the 3x3, DJ kit extended fuel screw and the full Yosh TRS system. Running good but the top end (last 1/4 of throttle) is dead and cutting out/bogging. I've currently got a 128 main, 3rd clip, 2 1/4 turns out. Should I know, or do any of you know, which it is: too lean or too rich without removing the plug to tell? I don't even know if the spark plug would tell since it's running well through most of the range. The fuel screw does nothing for this top end problem. I'm at atlitiude (5000 ft base camp with rides to 10000 feet).
  11. MMFerris

    Fuel screw compensate for TEC in/out?

    I wanted to get this back to the front page in hopes Burned would give an answer
  12. MMFerris

    Fuel screw compensate for TEC in/out?

    I couldn't believe how light the new pipe was! The other super cool thing is that from the start of the header to the muffler the pipe increases in size five times. It's got to flow much better than the RS3. I didn't realize how light the pipe was until I pulled the stock pipe off. What's the wieight difference between stock, RS3 and TRS?
  13. MMFerris

    Fuel screw compensate for TEC in/out?

    Since I just did the rejet, I already drilled out the brass plug for the fuel screw. I'm thinking with it already out I could get the extended version in without pulling the carb. What do you think? The pipe was a Christmas present from my brother-in-law (his business had a good year!). I know it came from RockyMountain MC and they sell if for $614.
  14. With the help of Burned and Nate I got enough info to get the new Yosh TRS on the bike. It started up and I took a really short ride around the block. Sounds great but I can tell the carb needs some adjustments still. It's slow to respond on the low end (not what I expected with a new pipe, 3x3 mod and rejet). I should be getting the extended fuel screw from TT today to make this easier. I'm assuming I can get the extended fuel screw in without removing the carb; just loosen the boots and twisting it. I have one question regarding the jetting and the TEC insert for the pipe. I have the quiet core TEC insert in right now. Does the fuel screw provide enough adjustment to allow me to switch between open flow (i.e. no TEC insert) and the quiet system? Thanks! Matt
  15. MMFerris

    Yosh TRS mounting troubles

    I've been looking in fellow DRZ'ers garage photos and have noticed that the E modles have a different chassis mount on thier subframe. From the pics it looks like my new pipe is lining up with the spot where this single hole would be rather than where my hole is in the footpeg subassembly. What the heck to do now? Do I need to replace the subframe with an E or ditch the footpegs and pay someone to fab up a bracket or is there some way to make this work? Please help with some experience and advice.