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  1. tphillip

    Gearing question

    Oops. Sorry about that. And I should know better.
  2. tphillip

    Muddy brown powder around exhaust

    The subject says it all. I rejetted my '07 DR650 about a month ago with the recommended Dynojet jet and have put on about 300 miles (500 miles total on the bike), mostly street. There's no real problems with the engine running (Idles normal, no real surging or stalling issues), but I have noticed a fine powder just inside and around the actual exhaust. Is this something I need to worry about?
  3. tphillip

    Gearing question

    More Teeth = More Torque = Less top end. A basic rule of thumb is 1 tooth on the front sprocket = 3 teeth on the rear sprocket. So if you want to lower the RPMs and get more top end remove either 1 tooth from the front sprocket or three teeth from the rear sprocket and see if it's enough.
  4. tphillip

    Best dual sport mirror?

    I hate to say it, but those mirrors say "I will break when you drop me". And being a n00b, I will drop the bike.
  5. tphillip

    Best dual sport mirror?

    How about a mirror with a 10" or longer stem and collapsible/bendable? All the 8" stem mirrors give me great views of my arms and shoulders when set to look behind me. I'm getting tired of contorting my body to see if a cage has decided to tailgate me.
  6. tphillip

    Rear brake doesn't light up brake light

    You'll love this: The spring for the brake light isn't even hooked up. The spring to bring the brake pedal back to its original position is in the front hole, and the spring for the brake light is dangling. I'd go yell at someone, but I don't know if it was the factory that did it or the dealer. A simple fix, and why I didn't notice it before now I'll never know. to the person who didn't hook it up correctly and to me for not noticing until now.
  7. tphillip

    Rear brake doesn't light up brake light

    Thanks for the info everyone. I'll take a look at it later today to see what the issue is. Assuming I'm not being rained on at the time. New York weather has been very wet lately.
  8. tphillip

    Rear brake doesn't light up brake light

    I was going through a "pre-flight" check on my DR650 and I noticed that if the front brake is engaged the brake light brightens, but if just the rear brake is engaged the brake light stays dim. I can't seem to find any info if that's by design or not. No sense in spending time tracing a non-existent electrical problem if what is happening is the way it's supposed to be.
  9. tphillip

    Seemed like a good idea at the time...

    So what's the best way to insure that an aftermarket tank meets CARB2? Just go on the word of the vendor, or is there a logo we can look for?
  10. tphillip

    dual sport dot tires

    It's all we really have around here in New York. There's no public land to ride on, very few private areas available for public use, and most land owners aren't willing to let people ride their property (For understandable reasons). I'm certainly not going to take my street bike down these roads. You want an experience? Take a Concours ('06, not the latest model) with pure street tires down these types of roads. I'm not a light guy (300+) so when I'm practically humping the tank on these roads and the front tire is constantly wandering I have to wonder if a different front tire is the way to go. If my weight isn't enough to get the front tire to settle, then what is?
  11. tphillip

    dual sport dot tires

    Of all these dual-sport tires, what seems to work in loose gravel? Imagine a fire road. Firm packed dirt (Almost the same firmness as asphalt) with a layer of pea to golfball sized stones along its entire length. That's the type of roads around in my area. I have D606s, but the front still seems too squirrelly to me.
  12. tphillip

    Seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Anyone know the rate at which you lose gasoline in a plastic tank? It'd suck if I assumed I had a full tank when I really don't.
  13. If the title says, essentially, "off road use only" you can't get it registered in New York. Doesn't matter what street kit you put on, New York will point to the title and tell you to pound sand. The only way around it is to register the bike in another state for a while (If it's a new purchase), and then transfer it to New York. I expect this to fail at some point (Due to the title) but for now it works. I'd look at the Vermont DMV web pages on how to live outside of Vermont but be able to register a bike in Vermont if that's the path you want to go.
  14. tphillip

    insurance for ds's

    Depends on many factors: where you live, the purpose of the bike, how old you are, how much the bike is worth, etc. Some insurance companies are cheap but won't cover your bike off-road, which may be a problem depending on what state you live in. I pay $350/yr for a DR650 in Upstate New York from Progressive. That covers the bike on and off road, has a $250 deductible for collision and comprehensive, and has a $1000 accessory/apparel coverage. I pay nearly double for my Concours.
  15. tphillip

    HELP! Need DR650se oil pump gear

    Due to some idiocy on my part I broke the oil pump gear on my 2007 DR650se. It's just a $13 dollar plastic gear. The problem is that it's 30 day backordered from the manufacturer. If anyone knows of any dealer or store that has one in stock & ready to be bought please PM me. I don't want my bike lying around gathering dust for 30+days waiting for a $13 piece of plastic. Why is the d*mn gear just a piece of plastic and not metal?