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    Let's see your track

    Hi ... I am from Malaysia but i live in Singapore and the closest track is like 20 from my place .. thou it is not a AMA standard and maintain by a small group of motocross lovers ..we do love our little humble track ... anyway if anyone of you guys would want to holiday in either Singapore or Malaysia and want to MX on the side do drop me a note ... our baby doubles our small triple track repair day view from the step-up jumping the triple the step up from the plam tree plantation
  2. dintigger

    Dallas R14 torrent.. NO SPOIL!

    thanks from singapore
  3. hi i got something that i seek member's advice and opinion. i am (how would is say in the least insulting way hmm ) morbidly FAT!! i am 5ft 10 and i weight 260lbs. i been like this for the past 5 years ever since i stop playing rugby due to my broken forearm and concentrated on my work. lately i pick up MX as a way to socialize and keep fit, thou i got myself injured yesterday (see my other post) i wish to still be doing mx as it is bringing me joy and the feeling is just greatttt ... apart from getting free time my ever-nagging significant other haha. what should i now do to get condition for MX and how much swimming must i do per week for me to be condition. or should i put off MX till i loose the flab? please drop me some advice guys .. thanks
  4. Hi all i was riding track yesterday and was practicing attacking the berms.. so as i was coming out of the ruts, i accidentially planted my left leg down and it was twisted inside (toes twiested away from the bike and heels towards the bike) and i felt a "snap" feeling. it was painful and i didnt manage to ice it till after 6 hrs, the track was very far away. so i went home ice it and went to sleep and this morning it got BIG.. couldnt walk properly man,was limping like a 3-legged horse. after which i went to my friend's place and made use of his hydro-therapy tub and it delt better the swell went down a bit and i can have bend my knees forward-backwards,only when i tried to straigthen my leg i felt pain at mostly on the side of my knee (90degree to the right of my left knee) .. i still limp now after 24hr of the accident. anyway i went to the doc a GP and he gave me sumiton, painkiller and an oitment to rub on it externally saying it is a just an overstrech muscle. my question is..is his diagnostic of my knee problem correct? is the medcine he gave me sufficent to heal my knee? i have a history of a bed knee from my rugby days when i was in school and i always feel pain at the knee even after 2 set of bowling. if this a old ACL problem made worst now of is it just like my Doc says "over-strech muscle" .... thanks ....very much