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  1. Happy Birthday 230forsale!

  2. 230forsale

    Will I be spoiled?

    thank guys ..i think the I'll be just fine on the dr-z. MY friend rides the DR-Z S and gets worn out quick..... but mabey he just a wimp
  3. 230forsale

    Will I be spoiled?

    I've been riding my dad's CRF450X for a while until I get a new bike and I'm looking at the DR-Z. Will I miss the power of the X when I'm riding and will the extra weight of the DR-Z tire me out? I recently rode 115 miles in about 1 1/2 days on the X and I wasn't tired at all....If I did that on the DR-Z do you think I would be worn out? Thanks in advance
  4. 230forsale

    Tire Size???

    It's time to replace the rear tire on my bike after 350 miles I've got an extra rear tire but...its a 100/100x18 will it be too small? will i get less traction....or will it handle worse?
  5. 230forsale

    Best Handgrips

    I just put the pro grip 791 triple density on and there awesome i've always used scotts and never really liked them...only used them b/c thats all my local shop had but when he finally got these in i jumped on em and i havent used anything better
  6. 230forsale

    To much power 450x ?????

    Like lunchbox I also came off a CRF230 onto my 450X and i got comfortable with it real quick on my first ride out. After about 30min of ridin it i was already as comfortable on the big 450 as i was on the 230 and i even had a little more confidence to go quicker through the rough stuff and over obstacles than before. BTW im only 15 and about 5'7" and i have no problem with the seat height
  7. 230forsale

    Help with gettin riding gear

    the helmet i was looking at is new. it think the guy ordered the wrong size and he is selling it for less than a new No Fear Helmet.
  8. 230forsale

    max RPM

    with the rev-limiter the max it will rev to is 12,500 RPM. but if you pull the pink wire it raises the 1k to 13,500
  9. i need new riding gear but i cant afford it because i don't have a job and im only 14. So i look for cheap gear like things that people sell because its the wrong size or wrong color. ...and I've found a HJC AC-X2 Helmet for 125 and alpinestars tech 8's for 175 in the tt classifieds so... I ask my mom to help me out with buying it but she says she was going to get me that stuff for Christmas, and i dont need new stuff till then. She thinks things like a new helmet and boots are thing i want and don't need since i already have a helmet..but it has been slammed into the ground one to many times thanks to me wrecking and my brother acting stupid , and my boots are size 11 but i wear a size 12. What I'm asking is how do I help her realize that these are things i need not necessarily want? I mean this is nice stuff but in boots and helmets and most things you get what you pay for most of the time right?
  10. 230forsale

    Will it Fit!?

    i like the 756's too but they just wear to fast for the riding i do. mines at about 50-60% after 215 miles. I was also considering the michelin AC10's or IRC VE33 on the rear..... has anyone run either of these on thier 450?
  11. 230forsale

    Will it Fit!?

    thanks thats exactly what i was lookin for now that i know the teraflex wont fit what are some other good tires that will last a long time but stilll hookup well in the dirt? i ride a pretty good mix of everything....but we alse ride a little bit of road to connect trails
  12. 230forsale

    Will it Fit!?

    My dad is letting me use his 450X until i get a new bike since it was just collecting dust in his garage (82miles in 8 mo.). Im wanting to replace the tires for him before i give it back because the stock tires are already pretty much worn now that i've been ridin it....anyway to my question will a teraflex fit on the X?? the stock 110/100x18 looks like if it were any bigger it'd rub on the swingarm and the teraflex is a 150/80x18 or something like that isn't it?
  13. 230forsale

    Fair Price on '05 WR250

    Southern Honda here in chattanooga has the '06 250x for 5,483. Depending on where in Ky you are it may be worth the drive
  14. 230forsale

    Which Boots To Get?!

    The Set Up's are 200 and the Sidi's are 250. i ve looked at the gaernes and im looking for something a little more flexible and better for walking
  15. 230forsale

    Which Boots To Get?!

    also has anyone tried the A.R.C MX220v Boots? if do how did you like them?