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  1. The new motor is nice, and the cab room is great, but until a truck manufactureer makes a bed that is long enough to shut the tailgate with a 450 inside and a tiedown point in the middle of the bed so the straps don't have to pass under the fenders of the other bike (I know its a petty complaint). I won't consider it the 'perfect truck'. Some form of ramp latch system in the tailgate wouldn't be bad either. I hate it when the ramp moves.
  2. BlueRide

    How's the best way down??

    At least you don't look like a boat going over a waterfall!
  3. BlueRide

    Krylon Fusion in Kawi Green?

    This site here has UFO headlights for like 45$ I have one, they match perfectly and are IMO brighter than the stock. http://www.team11moto.com/catalogo/producto.asp?Linid=69&Fabid=14&Prdid=321 It doesn't have the white backing though, solid green.
  4. BlueRide

    Wild spokes....

    I doubt spraypaint would last long. Titanium spokes would flex too much I'd think. Speaking of crazy wheels, anyone see Dusty Klatt's YZF? hafl the rim is blue and half is silver...
  5. BlueRide

    regular gas in yz250f

    Or are you talking about leaded fuel? Cause that won't hurt either. In fact, some have speculated that the lead will actually cushion the valve to valve seat impact and they'll last longer.
  6. BlueRide

    2006 kx500?

    Bikes like those scare me. I got to ride my Uncle's CR500 down a mexican beach (tide out, packed beach sand) back in the mid 90's. I must have been about 14. I could loft the front in 4th gear. I can't even imagine that kind of Hp, with today's light Aluminum frames and suspension. 60 horsepower pushing just a shade over 200 pounds of bike. Anyone who can ride one of those effectively has my respect. My 426 scares me enough, thank you very much.
  7. BlueRide

    Snow melted?

    As long as you realize you are a snowboarder who dabbles in motorcycles:p I, however am a year round rider who flounders and crashes in the snow. Actually I flounder and crash in any weather, but that's another point entirely.
  8. BlueRide

    Snow melted?

    Traitor. Your rider card has hereby been revoked.
  9. BlueRide

    Snow melted?

  10. BlueRide

    Feeler Gauges

    Try 'Harbor freight'....they have a set of machinists feeler gauges for 2.99, feelers in .05 incriments from 0.05-0.90 all bundled up in a package just take them apart, and bend em if ya gotta. how much are MotionPro feelers? 8.99 for 3?
  11. If youre looking for more power swap the header. the stock can is pretty good, quiet, but not restrictive. The header pipe is really the cork.
  12. There aren't many exhaust systems for KLX's (other the the 110) I am almost positive that the '06 KLX250 and the 300 are the same exhaust shape. Thats what my FMF Q box says anyway. try looking for a 300 exhaust as well.
  13. That's basically how I understand it. IIRC, a 4T bore and stroke needs to balance a stroke long enough to take advantage of the torque made by the motor with a bore large enough to not take a week to spin up to RPM. A 2T needs that as well, but is limited to timing the 'exhaust cycle' Longer stroke on a 2T would make any bottom end go out the window. A 'big bore' 4 stroke is basically what most MX thumpers, for a big mid range hit and top end, whereas KTM's 450's come in both flavors, long stroke and big bore for different motor manners.
  14. BlueRide

    shipping question

    Did they leave it?
  15. BlueRide

    Better bike, WR450 or CFR450x ??

    Husqvarna TE450. forget the cookie cutter japanese bikes.