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    Clearing the doubles

    It does take a little time to build up to the jumps. I quit riding in '79 and took the sport back up in 2000. I was 40. Bikes changed, tracks changed, almost everything was different. I used to race a 60 year old guy, who I still practice with occasionally, at the back of the pack. I read every riding tip I could find and I finally picked a small double and went for it. Crushed the cods, took time to get my breath back and tried again. Now it's what can seperate racers. Some do all jumps and some only a few. Make sure your standing and your face is out over your handlebars. Start little and your confidence will grow. Have fun...
  2. tn666

    Indianapolis sx questions

    There's a huge mall only a couple blocks from the dome. You can get in and out anytime and its not to far to anywhere. The mall is all a woman needs though...
  3. I've driven a big truck off and on for most of my life, both local and long distances. I'm 45 now and I can tell you from my own experience that loud pipes do not make a difference on the highway. The only time you can hear them is when you come along side of my window. I hear you then. But , I also see you long before then also. If you want to be seen or heard you could probably spend alot less for a much louder horn. Instead of revving, try honking. Traffic generally sucks ,even in big trucks,because people are pretty rude, no matter what or where you drive. That argument has and will go on forever but its not true...
  4. Yes, they do make them. I considered one after I broke my wrist. It doesn't bend all the way anymore. I decided against it and just try to regrip as much as possible...
  5. I broke one rib in 2 places and it has been 4 weeks and it is finally starting to feel better. Still hard to get up and down but its trying to get better. I've also had 2 races and a couple practices with mine and I'm 45 years old. Maybe you won't take as long. I feel your pain...C