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  1. old_bashturd

    230L suspension upgrade???

    Yes raised the rear a bit. The shocks are nearly equal in length, but the shaft is longer. Although I did not measure travel it sure feels like more and the rear is much improved with this shock.
  2. old_bashturd

    230L suspension upgrade???

    Forks will work, I have F forks on my L. Don’t believe the shock will work due to different linkage and length. I used an 83 xr200 rear shock on mine.
  3. old_bashturd

    CRF230L Cogent Dynamic Rear Shock

    Thanks for the info. Did you have to change the linkage? Did you get increased travel with that setup? Thanks
  4. old_bashturd

    CRF230L Cogent Dynamic Rear Shock

    I know this is an old thread, but I have a 230l I want to upgrade also. Did the shock increase your suspension travel? I think stock is 6 inches. Thanks
  5. old_bashturd

    89 XR250 Front end and SA on 87 XR200?

    Thanks Chuck! A guy near me has an almost complete XR250 minus engine for sale cheap. I thought this would be a good opportunity to upgrade to front disc brake and 18 inch rear wheel and if the SA is aluminum, save some weight to make up for the heavier fork.
  6. I know this topic has been covered here quite a bit, and I have searched and what I think I know is the front end on any late 80's XR250 will bolt up to an XR200, forks, triples etc. I also read that the 86 and up use 41mm cartridge forks that are longer travel, 11 inch travel vs 10 for the 200. If I do this swap I also understand i will have to compensate for the higher front end. Will I be able to slide the tubes up in the triples enough to compensate for the added height? Will I still have to shorten the travel somehow? (spacers) I have a chance to pick up a 89 XR250 roller. Besides the wheels, front disc etc, could I swap the swing arm as well? I understand it's aluminum vs the steel on the 200. Thanks
  7. old_bashturd

    New to me xr200 barn find

    IVe been pretty busy lately, but finially found some time to get back to my barn find. Put the carb back together after cleaning and replaced the orings and put it back on along with a new air filter after cleaning out the air box. Replaced the tank o ring, added gas, and sure enough, she fired up and ran. Didn't run well, but ran. She idle erratically and bogged when giving her gas, didn't seem to want to rev up. I'm thinking I still may still have a carb problem, but everything is pretty clean and I had my idle and mixure screws set to about 1 1/2 out. Once warmed up, I played with the mixture screw but it didn't seem to help. I'll and check valve clearance and timing next and make sure that is good. Good info on this site
  8. old_bashturd

    New to me xr200 barn find

    I did do a cold dry compression check and it read about 130. Got the carb soaking now. Will clean it all out and clean out the airbox as we'll, once the new filter comes in, I'll try starting her.
  9. old_bashturd

    New to me xr200 barn find

    Well, I think I found the answer to my question of whether the bike was ridden with the deteriated air filter. I took the bow off the carb and it was full of gunk, looking foam material. I can only hope the carb clogged before they could do too much damage. I drained the oil and took out the screen. The screen looked clean and the oil not too bad. I ran my magnet through it and go some tiny slivers, but not a lot. Going to try and clean up the carb and hope for the best"........
  10. old_bashturd

    New to me xr200 barn find

    Thanks for the replies guys. I didn't see any debri in the carb, it was suprisingly clean. I'm going to soak it, then disassenble and clean it. The motor gives me a little resistance on the kickstarter, but I also see the auto-decompression valve working, so I'll try disconnecting and see how much resistance I get. I do get some resistance when pushing the kicker by hand. I was planning on changing the oil and cleaning the screen. I have a new air filter on the way along with an O-ring for the tank petcock. The tank was completely empty so I poured a little gas in to swish it around and it all dribbled where the petcock attaches to the tank. I did check for spark and it looks healthy. Other observations, sprockets look pretty good, no hooking on the teeth. The rear tire in worn about 1/2 in the middle knobs, but the front looks great, both IRC's which I believe are original. The muffler insert is still in along with the airbox snorkle. My idea for this bike was a low tech - light trailbike. First goal is to get it running, then look at brakes, tires etc.
  11. old_bashturd

    New to me xr200 barn find

    I picked up a completely original 1987 xr200r that a guy had sitting in his barn. Original everything including the tires. Owner told me he bought it for his kids a few years ago, they rode it for awhile then parked it, he said a couple years ago. Thing was really dirty, old mud etc, but The motoe was free and I could get it in gear. Oil looked ok any all controls are free. Doesn't look abused, just ridden. I pulled the cover off the airbox and the filter had completely disinagrated. The screen was still on and there was some of the edges of the old filter laying in the box. I'm concerned that they may have rode this with the filter in this condition, but I figure old foam particles would clog the carb before any real damage was done. Any thoughts?
  12. I have a 2000 XR250R. I need parts for the stock muffler. Spark arrestor and baffle or the whole muffler. I think 1997 and up will fit. If you've replaced your stock exhaust and have this stuff laying around, contact me at nrsbiker at hotmail dot com Thanks in advance
  13. old_bashturd

    Buddy Pegs on an XR250

    Hey all, In the process of Dual Sporting my 2000 XR250. Looking to put buddy pegs on it for the inspection, I've read differing reports that some inspectors here in MD require them. I've seen the ones fron 4strokesonly that clamp to the swingarm, but I'm looking to try something that would bolt on the subframe. Found these at jcwhitney http://www.jcwhitney.com/autoparts/Product/tf-Browse/s-10101/Pr-p_Product.CATENTRY_ID:2002581/p-2002581/N-111+10211+600014710/c-10111 Anyone else out there added pegs to thier XR cheaply. I'd probably would never really carry a passenger except in a pinch. Thanks in advance
  14. old_bashturd

    converting a crf450r for street in Maryland

    Sent you a PM. Thanks
  15. I took the carb back off, soaked in overnight in a gallon can of carb cleaner I bought from Trak Auto. Blew it all out with air, put it back together and the bike is running and idling great. Much cheaper fix than the dealer would have charged. Thanks