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  1. Hi! im looking for some shroud templates for honda crf 450. Im going to try to create my own graphics... Please help. Thanks!
  2. Roidrage

    450 -02 Problems!

    Hello! I need some help with my bike. It all started after i changed the piston. My bike doesnt run clean and if i hold the throttle at the same positionit kind of dies for a second. Its like if you would just tap the the killer switch for a second. Its hard to explain because in not so good with he english... But i think you know what i mean. I have changed the valves and the clearance is perfect according to the book. I have cleaned the carbureator (sp?) The engine is timed with the tdc mark and so on. Have anyone of you guys had the same problem or can you gice me an advice what to do? Im going crazy!! Personaly i thibnk its some type of electrical problem... -Thanks