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  1. Thought i would Share a Value that I found today while shopping for a replacement sprocket for my 09 450 xcr-w.. I run a 52T rear and found that BPI Sprockets has KTM 52t Sprockets that they refer to as "Overruns" for $20 Bucks!! I called BPI , Clackamas Oregon, and talked with guy there. He said they have 52t Anodized sprockets that came off the line that were stamped 50t. that is the only issue. Part # 5254 Bottom line: $27.50 delivered to my door a great BPI 52t Anodized orange Sprocket http://shop.pbisprockets.com/product.sc?productId=451 Hope one of you can take advantage of this also.
  2. js2nelson

    2009 TTR 125 E Rear Shock Rebuild?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to Rebuild the Rear shock on a 2009 TTR 125E ( small wheel). I bought this bike new in 2011 and it has very little hours on it. I don't know why the shock would go out but it did. ( 125lbs wife who is a novice ride it). I local shop tells me they took the shock apart and found there is no way to charge it after replacing the seals. There for, they call it "disposable" and say my only option is $400 for a Works Shock... This is the deal. It's my wife. she rides maybe 8 times a year and it's trail riding. Isn't there some other option out there??? hard to believe it can't be rebuilt... Looking for a Guru who knows a way to rebuild
  3. js2nelson

    Who's got the best view?

    East Fort Rock Central Oregon
  4. js2nelson

    Who's got the best view?

    East Fort Rock in Central Oregon
  5. I've have both bikes. an 09' TTR 125 E and a 06' TTR 125 LE your question about the suspension on the large wheel. The Rear shock has more adjustments than the small wheel. It has a Compression adjustment just like the big bikes. the bike also comes with a stiffer feel them the small wheel The Front Forks also come with the ability to adjust compression. You do not get this option in the small wheel TTR 125. Both Bikes are great. My wife rides the TTR 125 she is only 5' tall... Loves the bike. love the feel. My daughter rides the TTR 125L. Both Riders though are Trail riding only.. FAST!! but still trails only. NO AIR TIME, just Whoops and rocks hope it helps you some
  6. js2nelson

    07' kx450f head light ?

    looking to turn a 07 kx450f into a trail bike. has anyone found a way to put a light on this bike? for me it's a must have. I'll have to pass on a great deal on this bike if I can't find a way to install a head light. The night rides are just too cool to give up. Let me know what you know. thanks
  7. Question about riding forest service roads in Oregon. Are all dirt roads marked with a vertical road number post legal to ride with drit bikes? I have not been successful with finding the answer to this question. I know some roads have 4 digit numbers some have 3.. Anyone know?
  8. js2nelson

    1975 Yamaha DT175..bringing to Life

    Good point. Is it a pain in the butt to take care of?
  9. js2nelson

    1975 Yamaha DT175..bringing to Life

    The Bike is Done! Runs Like a Top. all problems stemed from an exhaust that had 33 years of crap built up that eventually turned into Asfault the the system. Total cost to fix. $50... after getting it back from the shop i still need to deal with the spark arrester. i ended up going to the local hard ware store and buying a long thin drill bit. then drilling out the spiral ports i think there were 6 ports. once that was done i installed everything. readjusted the Carb. I'm at 4000' so i dropped the needle and set the air fuel screw to 1.5 turns. Bike Runs great... only thing i don't like is it seams to smoke too much. but could be a 2 stroke thing... I've never owned one. will attach pictures soon
  10. js2nelson

    pumper carb or jet kit.

    I Ordered mine from Four Stroke Works. He does a great job. $154.99 http://www.fourstrokeworks.biz/
  11. js2nelson

    pumper carb or jet kit.

    To get out riding and having a blast Right now I would say Get the Dyno Jet kit and a New bigger Header Pipe... you've done the free Mods. You will need the header pipe no matter what you do. stock CV carb or Pumper Carb.. I rode for 3 years on my bike with the free mods, Header pipe, and Dyno jet kit and loved it... bike never let me down and still had the power to make me smile .... Last year I installed a FCR 37mm Pumper.... It took alot of work getting it dialed in but i am very happy with the out come... Guess what im saying is.. for the cost of a Dyno Jet kit you can be out having a blast and decide later if you want to go though the pains of getting your pumper carb installed.
  12. js2nelson

    1975 Yamaha DT175..bringing to Life

    OK so a just got my exaust system back after beeing Soaked for a week and then Torched.. everything came out well with the exception of the spark arrester. What can i do to fix that thing? Or have any of you modified you exhaust or arrester... can i run a huge drill bit down that thing and Bore it out?? the Bike now runs OK with out the Spark arrester so i think im on the right track. If i can get that taken care of and make a few Carb adjustments i should be OK.
  13. js2nelson

    1975 Yamaha DT175..bringing to Life

    Well 520ditchwitch It looks like you may be the winner.... I removed the Exhaust and it had to have weighed 5 Lbs. over... Black sludge dripped out the ends... Way to fair gone for me to clean, so I begain a search for a shop with a solvent tank large enough to hold the entire system. The local radiator shop came through. Today it is getting dropped off. I'll keep you posted.
  14. js2nelson

    1975 Yamaha DT175..bringing to Life

    will do.... thanks for the tips
  15. I just picked up a 1975 DT 175. It had been sitting in a barn for 5 years. I went to work in getting it started . 1) removed the Carb and completely cleaned it. Making sure Pilot jet and main were clear, all port are clear as well. Reinstalled with air/fuel screw set at 2 turns out… 2) Checked for spark. Looks Ok.. maybe a bit week but I have nothing to compare that to. 3) removed a really old Crapy air filter.. have not replaced it yet.so NO FILTER. I put gas in it kicked it for too long but after giving it a little throttle while kicking, it started. Here is the deal. It will only run for about 1-2 minutes. And to run that long I need to keep messing with the Throttle. Giving it throttle only increases RPM slightly. Even wide open (sounds like it’s Bogging down). Messing with air/Fuel screw does nothing. What am I missing??