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  1. Thumper1984

    SP200H - RMZ450 Engine

    I was wondering if anyone knows if a RMZ450 Motor will fit in a SP200H frame... the reason I asking is I can get a good deal on a complete RMZ450 motor W/ carb from a friend that is a MX/SX racer... I can get the COMPLETE motor and carb for $750.00 Also i've heard the SP200 is almost identical to the DR200SE - is this true ?? Thanks
  2. Thumper1984

    1987 Sp200h

    Ok thanks... as far as the correct position what would that be, jut one notch up or down ? And anyone know of a pipe that fit these ?
  3. Thumper1984

    1987 Sp200h

    Well, considering everything is BONE STOCK except for the 6 holes i drilled in the top of the airbox and the sprocket combo im pretty sure a jet kit and a pipe and bigger headpipe (if possible) couldnt slow it down anymore.... and as far as the 100MPH i wasnt paying attention if it was downhill or not and it was PINNED out and i mean WOT
  4. Thumper1984

    Found a FMF Pipe for the elusive DR 200 SE !!!!

    Send some pics to - impalla350@gmail.com if you dont mind, thanks Dale:thumbsup:
  5. Thumper1984

    DR200 vs KLR250

    Well when i went to go purchase my SP200 my friend drove me in his 2000 Ford Mustang Cobra and on the way back i had to ride 65 miles on the Interstate and it has FULL offroad tires on it my friend said when I punched it a couple times he said he rolled over 100mph a few times, the SP's speedo gauge only reads 90MPH so im guessing its gear for top end ... =)
  6. Thumper1984

    1987 Sp200h

    Well i've "heard" you can put a "bigger" main jet or something in the carb it has is the mikuni BST32 FLATSIDE PUMPER....as far as the exhaust as long as it bolts up to the headpipe i can weld/fab the rest.... come on now i know someone has put a jetkit/slipon a SP200H
  7. Thumper1984

    1987 Sp200h

    Hey guys I just picked up a nice 87' SP200H with 17k miles for $800 bucks runs flawlessly and no smoke at all, I did the airbox lid mod, put a nice NGK plug in it, but i cant find any other parts for it ( Pipe, Jet kit, etc...) anyone know where i can find these ??? or what pipes / jet kits will work ??? THANKS , Dale:thumbsup:
  8. Thumper1984

    DR200se modifications

    I just picked up a nice 97' SP200H- I have a couple questions... ive already did the airbox mod , but i cant find any performance parts for it... Anyone know where i can find a JETKIT and a PIPE ?? Thanks oh BTW I have had a 2006 DRZ400s and I actually like the SP200 better..
  9. Thumper1984

    DR200 Replacement Carb Which One

    My 87' SP200 has a Minuki BST32 Flat Slide Pumper:thinking:
  10. Thumper1984

    DR200 vs KLR250

    I have a 1987 SP200 and I have had a 2006 DRZS400S asnd belive it or not the SP200 seems to have more power than the drz400s , I think it is because the DRZ had all the smog/emissions junk ( small choked up carb, etc..) and the SP200 is LIGHT i love it, i would go for the DR:thumbsup:
  11. Thumper1984


    Will a FMF powercore Silencer off of an "e" model fit on my 2006 DRZ400S ??? i know its been asked before please help
  12. Thumper1984


    No salt flats, i just ride mainly with a 954 RR, CBR600RR, and a R6 so i need a little more topend
  13. Thumper1984


    Okay, whats the biggest possible front sprocket , and the smallest possible rear sprocket for the S ?
  14. Thumper1984

    Moose Jet Kit Question

    hey guys, well i got the dynojet (moose) and i followed the instructions just to see what its like... i didnt change the pilot and i put the 134 main in (for aftermarket exhaust) and 3 1/2 turns out.... seems to be runnin a little stronger not much noticeable though.... has a rough idle is this the wrong setup with the 3x3 hole ?
  15. Thumper1984


    Hey, well i got my dj kit in and i decieded to just follow the instructions... even though i have the 3x3 hole in air box. the kit told me not to mess with the pilot jet, and for the main if you have stock exhaust it says to use the DJ130, and for aftermarket - DJ134 the bike has a little rough idle but seems to run good at 3 1/2 turns on the air\fuel --- Burned?!??! =) oh yeah im in atlanta like 1,050 feet above sea level should i goto a 25 pilot and a 140 ?? thanks