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  1. Wow. That sucks. I would definitely get BMW Corporate involved. Good luck. -j-
  2. . . 450 EXC-R video's, scroll down >> 2 HERE. --- 1 HERE -j-
  3. Good riddance. -j-
  4. Wow. Top speed 70-80 MPH. I wonder if the fine print on the box says " all parts not guaranteed to survive top speed" -j-
  5. Almost 2 year old thread but here ya go..... I just bought the front and rear for my ride in Baja last week. They work great. I fit a tube and tire irons in the front and the necessary tools in the rear. The rear added some extra rigidity to the rear fender that my previous soft fender pack could not, pretty much stopped the flex I had from my heavy soft fender pack on the rear before. REAR ... -j-
  6. Don't forget the rock guard, it's a must >>> HERE -j-
  7. Yea, he rode into it. Not too fast and he didnt get hurt. Luckily it ended up being much more funny than serious. -j-
  8. I heard you had one of the new models with the side vents. --j--
  9. Rear ... Front... -j-
  10. (Sorry for the delay, was out of town for a week.) Nope. It was a rock. I saw it .5 secs before I hit it. It was light colored, in sand, tough to see those out there. I was in 6th around 70MPH on the pegs with about 17-18 pounds in the tires. As far as still being true, I rode slow for 5 mins after the impact to collect myself, lol, then rode it hard again for another 20mins back to camp. -j-
  11. Smacked a rock haulin butt through a sand wash on my 525EXC. Pressure was correct. Bridgestone Ultra HD. Best part, if there is, no wreck and no flat, just a little short cleaning .... REAR > FRONT > -j-
  12. Thats O.K., I like my radiators and my exhaust. No Glamis, headin' to the freezer tomorrow(east coast). -j-
  13. KTM. -j-
  14. Thats OK, I've got plenty of duct tape and JB weld. I'll pay 4 dinner, are you bringing the "entertainment" from last night ? -j-