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  1. Scott S

    these little blinkers

    Try this http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/signals.html
  2. Scott S

    these little blinkers

    No, on the WR they already have the top mounted fender tail light so they just had to install a stop light switch. As far as the resistors I'm not sure. I'll have to ask them tomorrow and get back to ya. I know when I ordered mine through Four Strokes Only the guy didn't say anything about needed the resistor but he did recommend the LED flasher.
  3. Scott S

    these little blinkers

    I know a couple of guys that have those on their WR450's that they converted over to motards. They look sharp and so far they haven't been pulled over for them. I've got mine on order right now but supposively they are on backorder.
  4. Scott S

    factory effex seat covers???

    I just bought one in February and didn't even try to install it myself. I took it down to the local upholstery shop and they charged me 20 bucks to do it. Well worth it to me. As far as the quality and performance, its hands down better then the stock cover. You just have to get used to lifting your butt off the seat when moving forward into a turn.
  5. Scott S

    Does too high a MPG mean anything?

    When in doubt, pull the plug. White = lean. Dark = rich. Golden brown = just right
  6. Scott S

    Back Sprocket!!! Bigger for more Torque??

    And I didn't need to change my chain at all for the 14/47 gearing.
  7. Scott S

    Back Sprocket!!! Bigger for more Torque??

    I've done the exact same mods that you have to my 05 S but I've already done the gearing. I went with the 14/47 and it made a HUGE difference in performance! Most of my riding is in the Mountains so I'm thinking about even dropping another tooth in the front to see how that works.
  8. Scott S

    Decal tips

    I bought some new radiator shrouds and a new factory decal kit. I was curious if anyone had any good suggestion on how to get the decals on straight? It seems like every time I've done this in the past I F them up! Thanks in advance!
  9. Scott S

    Radiator Fan Shrouds

    Does anyone know whether or not the radiator fan shrouds for a 05 400e will fit on a 400s? I know the 400e comes with the plastic tank but I don't know if the shrouds are different.
  10. Scott S

    Fuel Tank

    Poke a hole in the can with a pencil and put the petcock into in. Beer Engineering at work.
  11. Scott S

    DOT knobbies

    I've had pretty good luck with the Dunlop 606. Great off road and wear fairly well. On road, just like any knobbie, you have to allow extra stopping room. Take a look. http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?prodFamilyId=4399&navTitle=Tires+and+Wheels&webCatId=8&pageLinkUri=&vehicleType=&webTypeId=139&navType=type
  12. Scott S

    ***Want an LED tail light for CHEAP?***

    Opps, probably should read everyone reply before I open my mouth.
  13. Scott S

    ***Want an LED tail light for CHEAP?***

    Did you notice this is 8.25 inches wide! http://www.skycraftsurplus.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=943e
  14. Scott S

    ***Want an LED tail light for CHEAP?***

    Try this one. http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/Led.html
  15. Scott S

    dumb question - new grips with new bars

    I just changed out my bars with Pro Tapers Saturday morning and bought new grips Saturday afternoon. Save yourself the trouble and buy new ones to begin with. As far as the throttle tube i was able to reuse my old one. It just took alittle work with a razor blade and I was able to get it off. Make sure and buy some grip glue. It's not that hard at all.