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  1. thanx guys i got it running pretty good now. it's gonna need rings and a valve job but other than that it's in realy nice shape. not bad for $150.
  2. i've just gotten a 79' z50r and it's flooding almost every time you try to start it. my question is what do each of the card adjustment screws do i.e. upper lower screws?
  3. i just got this bike and it's realrealreal hard starting. i'd say it floods 98% of the time. i have not messed with it much and was woundering how to adjust the fuel air mixture i.e. which adjustment screws do what?
  4. zbd2da

    ktmtalk problems?

    ah i found you guys you can't get rid of me that easily
  5. i haven't been able to get on ktmtalk.com today. it say forbidden you don't have permision to access/this server. I'm pretty computer illiterate so whats the deal
  6. confort seat and taller sproket the motos come with shorter sprocket than the d.s. and also try sitting on the back of the seat it's softer and helps you lean in to the wind insted of trying to hold yourself up with the wind blowing you back
  7. zbd2da

    i'll try it here

    yea i'd like to have bothe but i just had a baby and had to decide between my 400 exc or my lc4, i think i made the wrong choice cuase now i'm hurten for dirt, any way i saw a post from some one in the lc4 forum who was looking into converting a dual to a sm and figured maybie he'd want to do it and pay shiping. heck i should just try to trade up to a 520
  8. ok so i posted in the lc4 forum and got nothing so i'll try it here. i have a 2001 lc4 factory super moto i'm like to trade my 17" rims and my 300mil brake set up for the stock dual sport kit. any takers
  9. zbd2da

    LC4 Airbox mod??

    i just removed the sealing plate between air box and side plate and jeted up to 168, and a super trap slip on i live at 6700 feet so you might try different jeting depending on wher you live
  10. my 01 had the same problem it turned out to be a wiring thing either side stand or clutch side stand combo i just isolated them bothe and the problem is gone
  11. ok so i have a factory 2001 640 lc4 super moto and i would like to put off road rims and tires on it i can't afford to buy new hubs, rims, brakes, and spokes so i'm looking to trade the SM rims, brake and calipar are alittle pricier than the dual sport kit but if someone wher willing to pay shipping i'd call it even. anyway let me know.
  12. zbd2da

    Converting an 2001 Dual Sport LC4 to SM?

    i have a factory 2001 640 super moto and am looking to switch it to off road setup i am willing to trade my 17" rims and factory sm brake set up for the wheels and brake set up off a 2001 enduro. the rims, larger rotar, and calipar are alittle pricier for the sm than for the he but i would be willing to trade strait if the owner of the other rims is willing to pay shipping on his and mine