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  1. What bike are you riding? I put a Honda 450 accelerator diaphragm on my KTM 450EXC and it made a huge difference at a fraction of the cost. I think I paid $12-15 for the diaphragm and accelerator cover (kit). The Honda diaphragm has a shim that limits the travel when you blip the throttle..this reduces flooding the carborator. I think the Boysen kits may do the same thing, but at a much higher cost. It was the best mod I have done on my bike.
  2. PKP

    eTrex Legend GPS

    I have an Etrex Legend C that just died after about 9 months. Started turnining itself off on batts, then moved to doing it when on external power. I'm a huge Garmin fan but wont buy another Etrex. The upnote is, I called Garmin and they unregistered my City Select software so I can use it with another GPS.
  3. http://www.action-electronics.com/lights.htm#Flashers Try these, they have a 2.5" dia strobe that I,ve been considering.
  4. Ther is an easy fix you need to perform. Crawl under the trailer and look at the vent line between the 2 tanks. Mine & a buddy's ( both 05's ) were routed from the top of the tank, under the beam then back up to the other tank. When the vent fills with water it will vapor lock the rear tank and you will only fill the front tank. Pull one end of the hose and rerout it over the beam, it will need to be shortened a little. Now the ven will self drain into the tanks. Also pull the gray electrical cover under the storage compt & tighten the fittings on the 12v disconnect switch.
  5. PKP

    Street bike recomendations

    I just picked up a SV650 Naked for my first street bike. I'm a big guy and it has plenty of power. Check out svrider.com for info. Its a great bike with lots of track potential down the road.
  6. PKP

    Who runs a gps on there scooter

    Had a Magellan that I returned. Just picked up a Etrex Legend C with the bike handlebar mount, fits my Protapers great. Much nicer GPS also.
  7. www.tacomaterritory.com
  8. I have one and really like it. On mod I did was drill an extra hole in each end of the bar for extra support. Also installed a piece of 1/4" x 2" steel on the cab side of the bed, this really helps with bed flex and I wont ever have to worry about pulling a bolt thru.
  9. Hi all! Called PBL about my fuel pump today and they are shipping me a new set of gears. The used the wrong material in a batch of gears and they swell up & bind. Tried lookin all over for a rebuild kit but found this number in a forum & problem was solved. PBL (260) 665-3841
  10. Put a set of RPM A-Arms on it, they cost about the same as the stock ones and have a lifetime warranty. The do a Hitec steering servo. Once the addiction has totally kicked in, drop in the Sirio .18 engine Mine sits in the garage since we bought the dirtbikes, need to dig it out!