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  1. Selling a 2000 'S' in the classified section
  2. june82000

    Sell or part out??

    I have a 2000 S on the fore sale forum, asking $2,500. But I was thinking,,,the thing is probably worth more in pieces than whole. My question is--can we get a running list of parts from my bike and what you think I cold sell them for on Ebay for instance? I.E....... Engine $500.00 (for example.) Thanks. If interested, reply to the ad in the for sale forum- it's under my name in there. Thanks
  3. june82000

    Passenger foot pegs (need)

    In need of a set of stock passenger footpegs and all attaching hardware for my 2000 DR-Z400S. Anybody?? please reply or email at june82000@yahoo.com
  4. june82000

    What's up with magnetic oil plugs?

    Now that's what I call.........JOB SECURITY!!
  5. june82000

    What's up with magnetic oil plugs?

    1,600+ posts.............What kind of question is that?? Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  6. june82000

    close call!

    I think you will be fine!!!!!!
  7. june82000

    TT Store skid plate

    I agree!!!!!!
  8. http://thejacksonfamilyweb.com/the_good_wife.htm ENJOY!!!
  9. june82000

    Ca Model!!!!!

    I have a 2000 S model that I bought in California, but know that it was once a washington bike. How do I tell if it is actually a California model, and is there a difference for that year? Thanks
  10. june82000

    Removing Mikuni screws

    What Fred_Bear said, I used a dremel on mine to get them out then quickly replaced them.
  11. june82000

    sm to dirt or dirt to sm? Which way is best?

    Just buy one of each, that's what I would do.
  12. june82000

    drz400s vs xr400

    I think you'd smoke him, but there's only one way to find out, smoke him!
  13. june82000

    Budget supermoto wheels?

    Are there any popular motocross bike stock wheel sizes that would match the supermoto setup?
  14. I didn't know that "funner" was a word. Duh!
  15. june82000

    Anyone got pictures of engine case damage?

    I've got a big rock in one hand, and a digital camera in the other. What's your friend's address??