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  1. Second entry is me and my 15 y/o son. From Indiana. Did Slick Rock the next day. We are going back for fall break !
  2. RayIn

    Rising to the occasion?

    Hi Laser, Let me know if you ever have a need for those risers - ya know if scrap aluminum prices go sky high. The 08 is great. Never a break down. My 15 y/o likes it too.
  3. RayIn

    Rising to the occasion?

    I may be that friend and I still have them - didn't get the helicoil in there but tried them out (even thogh theiy were a bit loose due to the stripped clamp threads). Bottom line was It set me a bit to far back but did relieve a cricked neck a bit. I'm 5'10' tho. PM me with your address and I'll send them out.
  4. RayIn

    KTMTalk website down?

    I've been banned since 2007. So I went in the back door and never ever stirred the pot again. I hope this post doesn't get my other me banned. I like it there, but it took a while to get used to.
  5. Probably a repost. The gopro fisheye lens makes it look super steep. http://www.viddler.com/explore/thechive/videos/1068/
  6. And the answer is - I think so. I grabbed a 6.0 x 1.0 pitch nipple from the bin at the auto parts store and it worked well. A little long, but it worked great. FYI the reverse method by argclh6670 did the trick !
  7. Got it - I'm going with the reverse drill method. THis is the AJP rear on a 2007 gas gas 250pro If anybody reads this - Do you now iw any old blled nipple with the same width and threads will work? (I think it's either an M10 or M6 x 1.0) But more specifically, are the seat bevel and such pretty much universal?
  8. RayIn

    Merry Christmas...Santa upgraded his rig....

    The only way to not break it !
  9. Trying to loosen it. Darn thing is aluminum and soft and I broke it off flush ! Now for the proper application of heat, a drill, may be an ez-out. Then after I screw that up and break the ez-out it's off to find a machinist, or a new brake caliper. That is all PS. Make sure your nipples are lubed.
  10. I need shoulder and deltoid protection for the trees. I do not want the roost guard as it impedes air flow during the summer. Can anybody point me to a product? Thanks
  11. RayIn

    Base gasket thickness

    remove your old one, measure thickness, order a new one of that size.
  12. Muffler can. If you run a restrictive muffler like a turbine core it can cause the exuast temp to drop and the unburnt oil will condense before exit.
  13. RayIn

    Hole in the Wall, Lake Powell

    Do you mean Hall's Crossing? Do you also mean Hole in the Rock? Nope I haven't tried to ride that. But I thought one had to approach hole in the rock from the west side overland.
  14. RayIn

    Does Premix oil go Bad?

    It's not milk. It's fine - forever. Did you know that the pre-mix found in King Tut's tomb was still good? This is a little known fact because most claims talk about the wheat seed that still germinated. Yes even then, 2-strokes were discriminated against.