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    what gear to get for a newbie

    Thanks for all the advice guys, i probably wouldn't have thought about the camelback til i got on the trails. I've been looking around online and found some good deals, though i probably will splurge on the boots. Any suggetstions? everyone seems to like alpinestar tech 6... thanks again for the advice
  2. Hey everyone. I'm brand new to riding and have a couple of questions. I recently bought a 2002 yz250f and plan on mostly riding trails although i could see myself getting out on a track. I'm already planning on getting the 03 e cam mod so i can get an easier kick. Didn't know how hard that would be... oh well . anyway, i already spent a good amount on the bike and want to ride some trails besides the fields near my house. What should i get in terms of gear and where are some good deals. Also, any newbie advice specific to my bike would be great. Thanks guys.