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    Anyone hear how Matt

    bottom line is that shit happens when u race. im sure it is fine with me and everyone else that matt has his word with travis or whatever he said he was going to do....but do it on his own time privately matt could have told everyone that he was fine even though he took and ambulance ride and such but instead HE CHOSE to cut down travis and talk shit about him to everyone else, people that have never met or seen him already think he is a bad guy because of people like Matt here everyone needs to go take a dump, have some cookies and chill out
  2. ebmx66

    Anyone hear how Matt

    to "Matt" and all the other whiners You should probably just quit racing right now if you are going to whine and cry about crashing that was YOUR OWN FAULT, i watched the whole thing i was just on the track the moto before Travis was coming through the pack of lappers that were riding a class they clearly shouldn't have, he came up on you and he held his line and you came from left to right a little bit and clipped his back end with your front tire, CLEARLY he was already passed you before you guys even went over the jump considering your front tire barely clipped his back tire and you should have realized that when you were next to him on the face i love how you guys think travis goes around the track trying to take people out and hurt people... at motoland if he slowed down to pass every lapper he came up on he might as well not even waste his time riding considering he is trying to train for nationals and run long motos at a fast pace thanks for all your trash talking its too bad all you tough guys have to make such ignorant comments when they have nothing to back them up, go ride circles in your backyard if you don't want to be block passed or come withing three feet of another rider have a nice day