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    Newby to the site has ?

    I went and test drove it yesterday and it has alot of power. I found out from the seat that it is an sp 500. Nothing its dented and the paint on the tank is great as well as the plastic light speedo ect. I think its a deal and it looks good driving a vintage looking bike.

    Newby to the site has ?

    Yesterday I called on one of my customers and saw a vintage looking enduro and found out that it was a 1981 suzuki 500 with 2100 miles on it and it looked totally mint. I am trying to remember but I thought it was a "GP" series but I may be wrong. I do remember that on the same side as the clutch it did have a small looking clutch as well that it for the pressure relief when kicking the motor over. The paint job is red and all light mirror ect looks mint. Its been garage kept. Is this bike worth 800 bucks, the only reason I am asking is that I just bought my son a yamaha tt 90 and would like to ride with him and this older bike looked like it would do the trick. Any info or thoughts would be helpful.. Thanks HOLYSTEEL