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  1. Change the oil and clean the air filter and it'll be good as new. It'll smoke a ton when you start it up but just ride it around and it'll clear itself out.
  2. It's not for your year but all the tech stuff is the same. http://www.honda50.com/partslists/z50r-shop.pdf
  3. For gas use regular unleaded gas. The stock motor doesn't have high compression and runs exactly the same on 87 octane. For oil, use whatever you wish at 10w-40 wt but make sure it doesn't have friction modifiers. While these might be good for the rest of your engine the clutch will slip like crazy. Also, avoid synthetics for the same reason. These bikes are very lenient, the cheap oil will work just fine.
  4. It will work just fine. I do that from time to time if I remember but it's more habitual for me to simply work my way up.
  5. The oil ring (or rings if it's a 3 part ring) goes in the bottom groove. The darker compression ring goes in the middle and the shiny compression ring goes on top.
  6. A couple 2x4's on the workbench and a C clamp. haha. Nothing too scientific about it.
  7. I've straightened mine before and they worked just fine. I'm not sure how safe it is. It's a sloppy design so even if it's not perfect and you oval the tubes a tiny bit it won't make a noticeable difference. If you not completely strapped for cash just buy a used pair from the Planet Minis classifieds. HD ones are available pretty cheap from various companies. As for the airbox, remove the backfire plate, but not the screen, remove the silver halfmoon thingy, and chop the snorkel and enlarge the hole to about 1.5 inches. Then just mess with the air screw and needle until it runs good. Makes a noticeable difference but also makes it a tiny bit louder. You shouldn't have to mess with the main jet.
  8. Good point. That's messed me up before...
  9. Probably bent the shift arm that is connected to the shaft. Shut off the gas, lay the bike on the left, and pop the clutch cover off to see what's up.
  10. Try all these things. I have made videos to try to complement the written directions posted above. Also make sure there aren't any leaks in the intake or any of its connections.
  11. No need to bring up a thread that is 8 years old to tell us what's new.
  12. You get what you pay for but I'm still surprised that anybody could mess up on an air filter.
  13. Make sure the idle isn't set too high, and adjust the cluth. I made a video on how to do it but I can't link to it at school. Search for How to Adjust Honda Clutch in YouTube. The video you're looking for is by TheAlexManVideos.
  14. I use the TB drain bolt.