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  1. MotoDad37

    What's better - CRF70 or KLX-110

    thanks to everyone who replied to my post. Just bought my son his KLX-110 today. He was a little nervous but had a great time. The bike fits him perfect!
  2. MotoDad37

    What's better - CRF70 or KLX-110

    thanks for all of the feedback...I really appreciate it! It looks like I'm going to go with the KLX.
  3. I'm looking to buy my 8 year old son a new dirtbike. I've narrowed it down to the CRF-70 and KLX-110. Both have auto clutch and seat height is 25-26". I wanted to know if anyone has an opinion on what bike is better, as in reliability, suspension, good for a novice rider, upgradeable, etc? Thanks for your help!