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  1. I was over on the KLX forum and they directed me here since most of them ride KLX300. I have a 03 KLX 400R and I bent the factory handlebar. I am looking for a aftermarket replacement. I have looked around, but no one has a stated replacement. I don't know what the height, rise, sweep...etc is on my factory bar because they are bent. Can someone suggest a good replacement for factory bar without going to new risers. I am 6'0 tall. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.
  2. Thanks for not letting me hang.
  3. Bent the factory handlebar on my 2003 KLX400R. Does anyone know of a aftermarket replacement. I don't want to replace the risers. I have been searching the web but can find any specific ones. I don't know the rise, sweep, height....Etc. of the factory bar since they are bent. I am 6'0 tall.