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    Handlebar help

    I was over on the KLX forum and they directed me here since most of them ride KLX300. I have a 03 KLX 400R and I bent the factory handlebar. I am looking for a aftermarket replacement. I have looked around, but no one has a stated replacement. I don't know what the height, rise, sweep...etc is on my factory bar because they are bent. Can someone suggest a good replacement for factory bar without going to new risers. I am 6'0 tall. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.
  2. Dane Poljak

    Replace factory handlebar KLX400R

    Thanks for not letting me hang.
  3. Dane Poljak

    Replace factory handlebar KLX400R

    Bent the factory handlebar on my 2003 KLX400R. Does anyone know of a aftermarket replacement. I don't want to replace the risers. I have been searching the web but can find any specific ones. I don't know the rise, sweep, height....Etc. of the factory bar since they are bent. I am 6'0 tall.