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  1. phil_b54

    Where did you get that?

    this is where I have seen them http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/Taillight44-0181.html I am sure there are other places though
  2. phil_b54

    sticky edelbrock

    I had this same problem witt my quicksilver on my 400ex(bought used from ebay). You look like an idiot blipping your throttle to get it to idle....like you are some pit racer. Mine would even open up from idle after sitting for 5-10 seconds. I spoke with edelbrorck several times, sent it back for them to look at it twice, and still it always hung right above idle. Anyway, it would never hang with the carb out, so they would tell me it is fine, but with engine vacuum, the slide would stick. They ended up giving me a heavier spring that seemed to help, but it never cured it. I ended up selling it and appreciating my stock carb. I do have a couple ideas for you though. Like already mentioned, check your cable and lube the hell out of it. Also check the cable where it hits the wheel on the side of the carb. Mine didnt seem like it was right. I have a couple pictures if you would like to see them. Phil
  3. phil_b54

    Reincarnation of a XRL-as a tard

    I love that headlight. http://www.trailtech.net/racelight.htm Is it street legal at 130/90W? I was told that anything above 55w was not DOT legal. Does it take any H-4 bulb? If so, I have seen some 100/55W that could get a person around that.
  4. phil_b54

    XR400 Piston/Cyl questions

    if you go with the 11:1 piston put in a cam while you are in there, you wont regret it. I went to 11:1 stock bore and a cam in my 400ex and it was like a different bike.
  5. phil_b54

    Idle hanging up on Edelbrock

    I had one on my 400ex, did the same thing. I had to blip the throttle and get the slide to slam closed to get it to idle. Mine would even vibrate back open a little and stick. Sounded like I was some idiot reving my engine all the time. Anyway, get with Edelbrock, they sent me a heavier spring. Made the throttle stiffer (hard on a thumb), and mostly fixed it. I didnt have enough mods to take advantage of the carb, got tired of messing with it, and sold it.